UEL Round of 16 1st Leg: Olympiakos v Arsenal | Thursday, March 11 | KO: 20:00 UTC | BT Sport

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I want to the following team:

Gk: Leno
RB: Chambers
RCB: Holding
LCB: Mari
LB: Tierney
CM: Ceballos
CM: Xhaka
ACM: Ødegaard
RW: Pepe
LW: Saka

Partey and Luiz don't deserve to be starting on their on their form this season and have been out peformed by Ceballos and Holding so far.

Oh yeah, Ceballos played out of his skin vs Benfica, put all he could into us getting sent home

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I don’t agree with it but the only time Arteta benches Xhaka, or he’s suspended, Elneny plays. He needs a defensive pivot to make his system work and only trusts players who will never be tempted to run ahead of the ball from that position.

I doubt he’ll play Ceballos with Partey but stranger things have happened.


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If we lose this, we might get Arteta out sooner. But I hate us losing.

Please don’t start this. It is what made me stay away from this forum for a while towards the end of Arsène Wenger’s tenure. Not that I am defending Arteta, but I never want the team to lose regardless of circumstances, and sometimes I just feel some of our fans create bad karma; call it superstitiousness on my part.


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I mean it's cool they're taking an interest in our affairs but frankly I do think UCL needs reforms, lecturers are vastly underpaid.

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