UEL Round of 32 1st Leg: Benfica vs Arsenal | Thursday 18th February |20:00 | BT Sport

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What a clown, all those guys are just laughing at him. A overgrown 12 year old, these kind of men are embarrassing. This is what represents Arsenal.

Troopz is so much more embarrassing now he's out in the US, he didn't stand out that much around all the other tards at AFTV. Now he's some court jester for these Americans.

Remember Moh, is he still on there?

Didn't he get chased into a Greggs toilet by Sp**s fans once :lol:

Red London

Anti-Simp Culture
The Luiz against Wolves thing wound me up a lot. As an ex defender, I would have thought he could see the injustice in it, but no, he doesnt like Luiz (despite time playing well recently) so made it out to be all his own fault and that we deserved what happened. Its just little stuff like that, probably (this is probably a bit petty from me tbh lol).
Oh thats interesting, I wasn't necessarily disagreeing just wanted know the reason. A lot of agenda driven pundits tbh, its kinda annoying. They contradict their job completely.
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