UEL: Vitória S.C. vs Arsenal | Wednesday November 6 KO: 15:50 GMT | BT Sport 2


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Arséne Wenger: "I will miss you"
So I guess the team will be.

Bellerin - Mustafi - Holding - Kola
AMN - Willock - Torreira
Pepe - Martinelli - Saka
It will be a drab draw.


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Wednesday? that's why our game against Leicester is in Saturday night then. kick off at 15:50pm? the f**k?

Braga also have a home EL game and the stadiums are very close so the police don't want them on at the same time so they moved day. But Uefa rules make it so you can't have a EL game at the same time as a CL game.


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I believe we're going to win this by one goal separating both teams apart.

Let's make it 9-8 in our favor.

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Özil missing again. Saved for Leicester? No Chambers or Holding. How are these guys meant to build match fitness and confidence properly? There won't be much to cheer at the weekend vs Leicester the way Emery tinkers.
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