Unai Emery: Adios

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Mo Britain, Oct 17, 2018.

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  1. squallman

    squallman Still Pining for Wenger

    To be fair that negligence stemmed from our appalling squad building. Despite Wenger's insistence to the contrary in public, he knew our squad beyond the first XI was generally awful, hence his tendency to overplay our best players and refusal to let them rest at times.

    Who was even Sanchez's back up at the time? Wenger felt that we would be unable to get a result without X or Y player playing and he was usually right.

    On the flip side, that practice of his cost us on two fronts, injuries to first team players by overworking them and our squad players performing below their usual low standards because footballers need occasional game time to stay fresh and on top of their game.

    I think Emery is slightly better in that regard when it comes to rotating players to keep them fresh but still has a way to go. Ramsey disappeared for months, Elneny is nowhere to be found and he ran Torreira into the ground before January.
  2. say yes

    say yes To Sweet Soulful House Music

    Did you miss the post that started this whole conversation? This is our highest points tally at this point of the season since 14/15 and our second highest for eight years.

    We're not just doing better than 'our worst season in the past two decades'.

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  3. FinnGooner

    FinnGooner Well-Known Member

    Ok, my bad. Perhaps you don't consider him a total failure but let's be fair, the way you have in number of posts called him a bum, Unai Emery Etxegoien or some other similar name, can you seriously blame me for getting the impression that you do.
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  4. say yes

    say yes To Sweet Soulful House Music

    Whenever you're struggling to understand @Furious it's easiest to just imagine he has tourette's syndrome and is typing derogatory language into random parts of his posts. Defies much explanation otherwise.

    Irony of 'Unai Emery Etxegoien' is that Furious was one of the very few who wanted Emery to replace Wenger, before he was even linked. But now that Emery is here I think that's too mainstream a view for him.

    He's also still a bit upset about Wenger being sacked.
  5. Furious

    Furious Xhaka Propagandist

    We've played with 3 DM's and 5 defenders home against Huddersfield, that's bum tactics. We're Arsenal, not some midtable team having to play **** football.
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  6. Vinci

    Vinci The Sultan of Unai

    Oh, I always thought it was just some over the top angry persona to stand out amongst the crowd.
  7. Furious

    Furious Xhaka Propagandist

    Coming from the ***** who creates fake accounts of other posters. Sad state.
  8. say yes

    say yes To Sweet Soulful House Music

  9. say yes

    say yes To Sweet Soulful House Music

    Lighten up buddy - I made one obvious joke account which was well-received: Jan 16, 2019

    Wenger's not coming back and this overly-aggressive 'i'm going to insult everyone I talk to thing' you've got going for you doesn't work as well when you're not actually making any sensible points.
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  10. Furious

    Furious Xhaka Propagandist

    Wow. Well recieved, how sad. Creating a new account to do that. :rofl:

    I'm going to continue criticizing Unai Emery Etxegoien for his **** tactcis and football. If that keeps making nonces like you cry, then that's your problem.
  11. say yes

    say yes To Sweet Soulful House Music

    Took me about 3 minutes. In other words, about 5% of the time you spend on this forum each day - the majority of which you spend abusing a manager you rate as 'Unai Emery Etxegoien' and calling almost every other poster a *****. Sad.
  12. Preacher

    Preacher Anti-Ornstein

    Word like "Unai Emery Etxegoien" should be banned on here and auto changed to Emery. This forum is better than this, even twitter nonces don't fall to that low level. Using somebody's name as a mock tool is complete disrespect in my eyes.
  13. Furious

    Furious Xhaka Propagandist

    Seems like you made more than one post, you *****. So it wasn't a single incident as you're trying to make it out to be. But it was well recieved and you got your likes, so that must've made your sorry state happy.:lol:

    When he stops being a bum with defensive tatics against rubbish sides I will stop calling him that. When you stop being a *****.. well you will always be, sadly.
  14. say yes

    say yes To Sweet Soulful House Music

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  15. hydrofluoric acid

    hydrofluoric acid A drama queen, hates most of our players.

    I think we should learn to be friends even if we disagree and try to be politer to each other!
  16. Tir Na Nog

    Tir Na Nog In Big Trouble If He Speaks

    8 points better off than last season, our most points after 27 games for 5 years. In those 5 years we had peak Alexis, Özil, Koscielny, Monreal, Cazorla and Ramsey. It was a time when we were supposed to kick on under Wenger and challenge for the title. Yet now this season under Emery in his first year, in a transitional year has more points than Wenger had anytime over the last 5 years after 27 games.

    Either Emery's doing better than some think or Wenger was doing far worse than some thought.

    Either way the "no progress" narrative should be dead in the water. We're now way way better off than last season.

    If Emery gets us top 4 at the expense of United and Chelsea then he should be manager of the year (barring Warnock managing to keep that championship side up). To get us back into the Champions League it what is supposed to be a transitional year would be extraordinary. I keep pointing it out but when you compare it to Pochettino's or Klopp's first season he's miles ahead.
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  17. blaze_of_glory

    blaze_of_glory Moderator Moderator

    Most points in 27 games since 2013-14. Good stuff. That was a great year for us.
  18. hydrofluoric acid

    hydrofluoric acid A drama queen, hates most of our players.

    I think we should stop focusing on comparing this season and the last season. Maybe even Wenger could also have improved us this season compared to last season. New season are basically a clean slate. We are not competing with last season, we are competing with this season!

    I think Emery is on target so far, I didn't expect him to get top4 this season. But my main problem with him is how long it has taken him to insert some identity on the tactical set up. I haven't seen us press all that well this season or defend for the matter. While we have scored some of the most beautiful goals this season the attack can struggle at times, even with goal scorers like Lacazette and Aubameyang in the team.

    I did say it might take us until late into the season to start seeing some of Emery stamps on the team but I have to admit it has been a little bit frustrating in recent months. Hopefully we can finish the season strongly and see some improvements!

    Also I don't just want to see Emery come here and improve us. I want him to improve on him self, become bigger manager than he was at Sevilla and PSG. Hence I hope we don't go down the path of signing his old pals! But that is just my opinion.

    Also please stop starting Mustafi.
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  19. Vinci

    Vinci The Sultan of Unai

    Had some good spells, but 6-3 at City, 5-1 at Pool and 6-0 at Chelski hurt like hell.
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  20. celestis

    celestis Arsenal-Mania Veteran Moderator

    This , seriously who cares about the points total it's where you finish , we may have had a higher points total than 2013/2014 but we also lead the league longer than the team that did finish first with Flamini in midifield and Giroud up front .

    There's all sorts of circumstances for points total's but what actually counts is where we finish . I won't be bringing up points total if we finish 4th this year with less than we did 2 years ago . Just doesn't matter .
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