Unai Emery: Adios

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Mo Britain, Oct 17, 2018.

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  1. Jury

    Jury Mission Accomplished

    Plucky S'oton, eh? Wouldn't read to much into what they or other teams have shown while losing to Liverpool. They all lost. We all know if we avoid defeat and look lucky doing it, Emery will still get criticised for not doing something or other, and we'll still be walking dead men, benefiting from our strikers' false xG stats that are going to fall through the floor at any moment.
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  2. SA Gunner

    SA Gunner Prediction Pool King Trusted

    I think you made the point at some stage, that our objective should not be beautiful football, but a pragmatic dash for the Champions League.

    Whereas I am not a fan of such an approach I find it hard to disagree with this point. We need to understand what our priorities are in the short term, and do what is necessary to get there.

    A point at Liverpool is what I wanted in the first place. Bare minimum is not to get humiliated again. That would be enough for me this weekend.
    People who say otherwise are subjecting us to their inner bias and not looking at the situation for what it is right now.
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  3. Jury

    Jury Mission Accomplished

    Nah mate, not me. I don't recall that! I want to see progress first and foremost. The rest should take care of itself.

    CL football in the first year at all costs was initially thought to be the ideal start, because many were under the impression we badly needed the money and status to attract the players, which doesn't appear to have been the case now.

    I'd take anything we can get at Anfield, by hook or by crook. I'm fully aware of where we are and now how much the team is going to change over the next few months, and just want us to remain intact and, as you say, to avoid those damaging humiliations.
  4. Mo Britain

    Mo Britain Doom Monger

    What we have done this transfer window is use money from future transfer windows to get signings now. The club certainly needs to qualify for the CL soon to be able to sustain this level of investment and hopefully to improve. Without that there will be a lot less than £45 million to spend next summer.
  5. Jury

    Jury Mission Accomplished

    On paper, we should be qualifying for the CL this season.
  6. Mo Britain

    Mo Britain Doom Monger

    Hopefully. It's not the end of the world if we don't because the big players in the current squad have two/three seasons left at least and there's always the chance some of the young guys become important players. But if we don't do it by then we're ****ed because without new sources of finance we won't be able to make Laca/Auba/Pepe type signings.
  7. Jury

    Jury Mission Accomplished

    Özil will still have a year left, so a fee and getting him off the payroll will free up some cash! The youngsters will fill the gaps :drool:
  8. progman07

    progman07 Well-Known Member

    What I don't understand is that he is supposed to be very knowledgable tactically, yet we concede so many chances against any small useless team.

    I just don't believe that conceding more shots at home (18) against Burnley than attempting (16) is due to our players not being able to defend.

    What I noticed during our games is that our midfielders rarely connect properly (not just in the last game, but I picked it for example).

    In the big home games last season, where we played well (e.g. Sp**s, Liverpool) we played a much tighter midfield.


    For me this seems purely a structural issue, we let teams run past us, our midfield is not set up properly. We should be playing the midfield trio much closer to each other. The midfielders don't connect with each other, Guendouzi and Willock should have a much stronger connection if we want to control games better.

    Compare our passing to the top teams, it is obvious they control the game through 1) midfielders being closer to the defenders, 2) passing between central players (either two CBs or two CMs):

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  9. bingobob

    bingobob Fan of Technicians Who Show Great Character

    Not sure thats the case. We have paid back a lot of our larger outlays from 5 years back. Özil, Alexis, Xhaka, Mustafi. So that money on the books is freed up.

    Weve also had a bigger cash injection from Adidas. We spent 140 odd million and brought in 45m. We havent finished this window yet so that could still imcrease further. Weve also had a lot of big earners off the books. We have also cut our managers salary significantly.

    So not sure it was a one off splurge that gambled the clubs future or gambled everything on CL qualification or similar phrases.
  10. Mrs Bergkamp

    Mrs Bergkamp Well-Known Member

    Our long term projections when we moved to Emirates said we could go three seasons without CL, so we must qualify this season. We got our targets and we're still attractive but players still want CL appearances so it's vital imo.
  11. blaze_of_glory

    blaze_of_glory Moderator Moderator

    We're well set up to make CL this year, it would be a travesty not to. We should have had it wrapped up with a few weeks to go last season as it was, and we're even stronger now.
  12. Tosker

    Tosker Hates Foreigners

    in an interview on Radio 5 Ornstein said there was a rumour, which he couldn't substantiate, that KSE had taken over the guarantee of our bank debt for the new stadium, freeing up the money we had had to keep in reserve
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  13. Beksl

    Beksl Sell All The Youngsters

    Emery needs to deliver CL this season, if not, serious questions will have to be raised.
  14. Beksl

    Beksl Sell All The Youngsters

    Didn't he also say several other sources denied this?
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  15. Manberg

    Manberg Predator

    Forget the questions. If he doesn’t he has to go full stop
  16. Tosker

    Tosker Hates Foreigners

    yes he did - so why mention it? the Kroenkes don't have to be forthcoming about their finances now so who knows? it does explain a few things though, especially if we have big plans for January
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  17. Mo Britain

    Mo Britain Doom Monger

    It would make sense. If they want to win the fans over they have to be seen to be more proactive in helping the manager which they hadn't been until, perhaps, this summer.
  18. Beksl

    Beksl Sell All The Youngsters

    He mentioned it because he was pressed on the matter. I do agree it makes a lot of sense. Taking over the guarantee of our bank debt frees up funds and doesn't directly hurt the pockets of Kroenke.
  19. Kingofthebongo

    Kingofthebongo Well-Known Member

    I think the club had realized that football is in a huge bubble but instead of play the conservative game they are going to participate actively knowing that prices will in the future inflate - they are investing more now and banking on the future of the continuation of inflating (smart) assets. Spend everything you have smartly over as long a period as you can possibly draw it out to be.
    I think it's just a new strategy and positioning for the club with regards to the transfer market.
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  20. Gegen Pressing

    Gegen Pressing Well-Known Member

    Doomed already?
    can't we just wait and see what happens Vs Klopp on Saturday first and then press panic button ;-)
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