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We've had a season and a bit with him in charge. Time to get a review of his performance. In my opinion he has done okay, a 6.5/10

Big Games
Academy players are in and around the first XI
Good staff around him
Structured defending (injuries not helping him here)

Much more comfortable being the smaller underdog team
No style as yet, even after a full season in charge.
Weird substitutions
Cannot handle flair players
Too timid

What do you guys think about him? Mods can merge this poll with the other thread if they want.


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Too negative in the way he approaches matches. I appreciate that I wanted a change during Wenger's final two seasons with the club, but Emery isn't the answer.

Would like a new manager for next season.

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one out of ten , threw away champ league football.
Tinkered to much ,talks crap,and is very much on sackable results over last ten games.
Just as well get him out now


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  1. Doesn't learn from mistakes.
  2. Doesn't know his first team yet.
  3. Doesn't have a style of play.
  4. Respects the top six way too much!
  5. Can't manage a big club.
  6. I am more nervous when watching Arsenal than i was at the tail end of Wenger's period.
  7. I don't like his face.
  8. He doesn't give me the Arsenal feel.
I know i initially said that I'd give him till mid-season but I have changed my mind due to his insistence on negative football and unworkable tactics . We missed out on Kloop because we were hesitant on letting Wenger go. I believe we should not do the same with with Emery with Allegri without a job.


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I was originally content with giving him till the end of the season & reviewing then but after the 2nd half collapse at Watford, absolutely terrible I feel it's time to get rid of him now.

It seems as though he never has a game plan at all for any matches, it looks like he has his favorites & no matter what will always be the first names on the team sheet, does quite a few strange substitutions at times aswell, not needed ones & doesn't do them when they are needed sometimes.

Manager wise if they get rid of him mid season (preferably rather soon) I suppose we'd put Ljungberg as caretaker manager until we find someone permanently for the position, may even be him. My other candidates will be, Allegri, Arteta, Viera, Rogers & even Nagellsman from Lipzieg.

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Go more out the box for me Eddie Howe, done very well with Bournemouth, proven prem experience, still young and eager .

Dont think you always need a big name to much baggage


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He wouldn't be a bad candidate to take over, apart from Allegri if we go with him I'd prefer someone young to takeover permanently.

Let's play Aubamawang

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I do think he made a colossal mistake bringing on the youngsters rather than shoring up the defence, which was clearly needed. But then again we didn't have many defensive options on the bench that would have made a difference.

I would have kept Ceballos on tbh. The guy has skills in tight spaces, handy for resisting the press.

But what ever happened to that psychologist Wenger brought in? Surely being "scared" is all in the head? How many times do we have to watch such a poor mentality before something is done about it? It's invaded the whole squad now. If we are getting scared of the Prem's bottom team then there is clearly a serious issue of confidence, belief and determination.

We can blame Emery for his subs all we want, but this is an issue at club level because it's been going on for years since we started playing with smaller players with great technique over the powerhouses we used to rely on that fought for every inch.


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He was awful last season throwing away our top four position just to increase the chance of winning his competition. This year he's started poorly, but I think he still has a small window to turn things around. For me I'd give him until the next international break to decide if there is any hope left for him. All three league games should be winnable and Man U aside, good performances should be expected from the other fixtures.

If we play poorly and not get good results on top come the end of the Bournemouth game then I hope the management will have what it takes to pull the trigger. I think Raul and Co. are mates with him though, so I fully expect to see him to see out his initial terms out to the end of the season no matter what.

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Why isnt there 0 - 4. This coach doesnt deserve a passing grade.

Not impressed with him at all. We have no defined structure, no tactical awareness and in game management, and we are not developing proper technical combinations.

Emery is even good enough to drag us over the line in my opinion. Yes, we came close last year but it masks the opportunities we had to get the job done, with time to spare.

This season, we hear about being level on points with third, but the nuance of the argument is that we look garbage at the nuts and bolts of it.

Im not sure he is the man to take us to the end of the season anymore. That said, Im not too much of a fan of Allegri's or even Simeone. I want us playing strategic, attack focused football in a years time. Get in someone proven and give him the players for the job, a someone like Ten Haag, Tuchel, or go for the less fancied Fonseca, Arteta, etc.


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The main positive for me is how he has acted since day one... carried himself with the class of an Arsenal manager.

Its a worry no clear formation, style or partnerships seem to be forming. That makes him very easy to sack if a gap opens to top four.

Mixed bag for me on the youth coming through.

+ Willock. Looks ready, able to contribute & well used.

- AMN. Kind of feel we are damaging him at a vital time. Crazy not buying a RB in January or the summer so he can develop in midfield, on loan or even a sale. Its not even a wing back role now but fullback with no wide protection. :facepalm:

- Nelson. Think most disagree but I dont like him finding form & sharpness in the first team. Had a poor last 6 months on loan & at 19 no rush. I like youth to come through on a peak.


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I've been pretty patient and tried to cling onto the positives and brush aside the negatives but Unai has me seriously worried now. We have the youngest squad in the Premiership and I am prepared for them to be inconsistent, naive, even poor at times but not so utterly disjointed all over the pitch, that is down to bad coaching. Whether that is down to Unais philosophy being flawed or that the players aren't listening or understanding him, any of those reasons are seriously worrying.

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