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Useless International matches

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Not sure this won't backfire.

Heat was a huge influence today, both for players and the pitch.
Better get prepared early for the conditions.
Yeah the players sadly will find it difficult i used to live in middle east and i suppose to have no problem to go outside but honestly you just can't go outside from midday to afternoon the sun heat is brutal its even worse in Qatar and most games in world cup around these times. So we'll see how the players gonna cope.

I think England won't play because the players already at thier limit physically because of 13 games in past month and half


You guys do like p**zy, right?
Gareth Southgate is the most politically correct person i know of. His stance is always the politically correct one no matter what people are talking about. He will probably be a columnist for The Guardian after the FA have sacked him since he has no talent as a football manager.


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This line of bs is how the WTAhas pirated hundreds of millions from male players by demanding equal pay at slams. They generate 25-30 percent of revenue but get 50 percent of the money. Ps they also play only 3 set matches so the even 25 percent of revenue is a generous estimate. The men work 50 percent more, generating virtually all the money and the women get half. The woke mafia and the NCAA has already destroyed American pro basketball and enslaved revenue generating black teenagers to work for free to pay for rich money dragging white girl sports. Contingency lawyers and their Karen mafia of entitled plaintiffs are the new plantation owners


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All the best basketball players in the future will be European,South American, andAfrican. Thry dont require their best prospects to waste time for years pretending to be a student, not earning a degree but generating billions of slave revenue for the usually white karens to get expensive education and scholarships on the back of damaging a young black basketball or football players career and have them instead of making millions working for free if they ever want to be drafted. Thanks for destroying American dominance of basketball Karens and your lawyers keep enslaving black teenagers to pay for women’s lacrosse


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How is it not right when men are generating more money?
that's the easy answer. the other one. if u look in the past tho, the women were put in a massive disadvantage they've never recovered from. in the early 20th century women football was very popular, the FA banned stadium play at some point, the men took over.


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So Pope and Rashford have pulled out of the England squad. Ramsdale might play one of the matches. Southgate has replaced Pope with Fraser Forster further enforcing that he's a deeply unserious man who will never win anything with all of the talent at his disposal.


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Haaland sent home with an “injury”
Hopefully there‘s actually something to this. Otherwise if I was Odeegard there‘s going to be some harsh words here, especially considering those are still qualifiers they play and Norway can‘t exactly afford leeway.

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On Vinai's payroll & misses 4th place trophy 🏆
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Funny important club players getting suddenly injured. Need some our players pretend too they having muscular issue

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