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Useless International matches

Yousif Arsenal

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They brought in a guy Boxa juniors loaned out to Tigre to get game time. Truly embarrassing
explains the lack of talent they got specially upfront there seriously have nobody. Scamacca hype is done Immobile never got going with national team this Retgui guy still young but the guy look out of his depth.


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I haven’t got much longer in the game. Might do Euro 2024 and call it quits.

Will be announcing my future soon.


Hopefully there’s more interest for you this summer. Can see the goons at RAWK negotiating a deal for you this summer:


Tir Na Nog

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England haven't been able to keep the ball this half, problem with their midfield coming to the fore again.

Tir Na Nog

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Yeah England need a change in midfield here, but looking at the bench who is there? Henderson and Gallagher aren't gonna keep the ball?


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Ronaldo statpadding with a penalty and a free-kick that went straight at the goalie, but went in somehow.
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