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Useless International matches


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Blind, who couldn't get a game at Ajax, got a weird transfer to Bayern where he can't get a game, now comes on.

Tiresome. At least Arsenal are back next week.


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Any nation can lose in Paris, even 4-0. That being said, this national team is pathetic. Going from Cruyff and Keizer to Van Basten and Gullit, to Bergkamp and Seedorf, to Van Nistelrooy and Robben, Van Persie, Sneijder and whatnot.. to this bunch. Where Snoop Dogg Depay is leading your team with Van Dijk doing nothing, having **** players like Blind still getting minutes..


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Portugal has a pretty easy group. I'll be disappointed if we don't win every game. I hope Martinez brings the urge of being first-place to the team. With Santos, we had a lot of difficult groups in the actual competitions, because we would qualify in second of the group.

Easy win against Liechtenstein (one of the worst teams in the world). Tomorrow, we play in Luxembourg. A little harder, but a must-win, of course.


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Got to laugh at Southgate saying there isn't enough English players starting in the PL. Yet he selects and plays Maguire over well lots of players that are starting and playing. Best generation of Englishman in my lifetime and a selection that could and should win a WC and he is complaining.

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Bullshit there isn't enough English players starting in the PL :lol: - what a ridiculous thing to say from Southgate.

Also, Mbappe is going to break France's scoring record by the time he's like 25 lol, what an insane talent he is.

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Surely Norway should be looking at qualifying from that group. Don't think they'll get a better chance of making an international tournament.

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