Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by KingReyes, Feb 8, 2005.

  1. asajoseph

    asajoseph New Member Elite

    I think Pires is versatile, he's capable of playing RM as well as LM. Don't forget, David Bentley will be back next season too, and I personally think he's a better player than Pennant was, and if you remember, he was used on the right hand side when he played last year.

    Next season, we'll have Clichy and Reyes who play on the left, Bentley who plays on the right, and Freddie and Robbie who can play either. Now, if you ask me, Pires is becoming too inconsistent to play regularly by 2005, and Reyes might well be called upon to play as a striker a lot more, as Bergie is phased out (it's his preferred position anyway). That leaves only Clichy dedicated to playing on the left hand side, and you have to bear in mind that he is ALSO cover for Ashley (who may be at Chelsea by then anyway).

    I definitely think there'll be room in our squad for Vicente next season.

  2. Gazza Martinez

    Gazza Martinez New Member Elite

    To be honest if we're going to blow 20m in the summer I'd rather we do it on Vicente than SWP. He has more proven quality, and is about the same age.
  3. _scorpion_

    _scorpion_ New Member

    Make it 30 million and just get Gerrard.

    Honestly, our attack is awesome....we score tonnes of goals.

    We need a defence and the reality is if we have 20 millio, we should invest in a keeper, a first team CB that reads the game well and can cover for Sol. A backup defensive mid and possibly a hit man upfront, rather than an attacking winger.

    just thoughts. If i were dreaming, our team next year:

    Henry Torres
    Reyes Vieria Gerrard Ljunberg
    Cole Campbell Kompany/Chivu Toure
    ? Anyones guess really

    leaving on bench:

    (thats what I call a deep squad that will challenge on all fronts)

    Only issue (AND A BIG ONE THAT) is cash.....and how much we have to spend.
  4. Gazza Martinez

    Gazza Martinez New Member Elite

    That is a team with genuine treble prospects. Stick Abbiati between the pipes and we'd be good to go. Oh well, we can dream.

    I said earlier that I'd rather Wenger splurge on defence for a change. But someone said Wenger was quoted as saying he won't bring in anyone to stand in the way of Senderos' development. Understandable, but I just feel we need someone who can hold things together at the back if Sol's injured, which seems to be very often now days.

    Our attack is good enough as it is to win us silverware. Defence must be invested in with some real quality. We rely too heavily on outscoring the opposition at the moment. A solid defence breeds confidence throughout the team, and will free up the pressure on the strikers. If we get a top class defence working we'll seriously be set to dominate. Kompany/Chivu/Bonera/Ferrari/Metzelder/Abbiati/Hildebrand/De sanctis. I dont care if we spend 20 million on these players, because it will damn well be worth it the long run.
  5. kel varnsen

    kel varnsen New Member Trusted

    overrated. reyes is already at least as good as vicente and in my opinon a far brighter prospect. vicente is a winger, period! reyes has got it all; pace, flair, passing, vision etc etc. i don't think people understand just how talanted reyes is...
  6. asajoseph

    asajoseph New Member Elite

    I think everyone here understands just how good Reyes is. Everyone that remembers that he's only 21 at least. What people here aren't too sure about though, is just how long he wants to remain at Arsenal.
  7. Gazza Martinez

    Gazza Martinez New Member Elite

    I'm all for Reyes, I think he'll be better than Vicente in time. But as it stands, I think Vicente is the more proven player, and he was the best winger in Europe last season. Thats why he's picked ahead of Reyes at LM for Spain.
  8. _scorpion_

    _scorpion_ New Member

    One can oly wish!

    - but that is a fantastic list of defensive talent. I hope Wenger can grab a few off that list!
  9. Gunner4Eva

    Gunner4Eva New Member Trusted

    That's a Championship Manager team if I've ever seen one.

    I like it!! :p
  10. Ratinho

    Ratinho New Member

    Torres - £20m
    Gerrard - £32m
    Kompany - £5m
    Chivu - £6-8m
    Abbiati - £4-6m

  11. Ridge

    Ridge New Member

    i would like to hear bout your thoughts on Vicente and Joaquin. Thanks.
  12. Gazza Martinez

    Gazza Martinez New Member Elite

    Joaquin is the more gifted of the pair imo. He's strongly built, pacy, skilled, and can finish pretty well. When he's in top gear, there no better wingers in Europe. The problem is, he's rarely in top gear. He's very inconsistent. Usually gets up for the big games, though.

    Vicente isn't as quick or skilled as Joaquin, but he's definately capable of beating his man. He has a higher workrate, his off the ball movement is superb, and he can perform at a steady level over an extended period of time. Overall, he's an excellent player. For comparisons sake he's about as good as Giggs at the moment.
  13. JoseReyes29

    JoseReyes29 New Member

    Kompany 5m? LOL :lol:

    No, but seriously. If we bought vicente we would be ****ing amazing. He is a completely quality player and has said many times he dreams of playing for Arsenal. He would work really really well at Arsenal and is like a younger giggs.
  14. Ratinho

    Ratinho New Member

    I'm sorry, but people who expect Kompany to go for £12-17m are living in a dream world. I've put down realistic prices for players, not what you'd have to pay on Football Manager 2005.

    A very young defender, who has played for Anderlecht and a few apps for his country? You don't LOL (as you put it) at Chivu for £6m, but a man with far less experience should demand a higher fee? Why? A reputation that says he could be great?

    I'm so glad we have Wenger who doens't spunk away £30m on reputations. :roll:
  15. lee1001

    lee1001 New Member Trusted

    Vicente is the perfect Arsenal player. Only 24 too. Perfect age....with Valencia struggling at the moment and Ranieiri's position in doubt would he move???
  16. Gurgen

    Gurgen New Member Elite

    I don't really like him, he slows down the game a lot of times with his inane tricks. And for the record what exactly did he do at Euro2004 I've never seen him beat his man once.

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