Virgil Van Dijk

Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by Aevi, Jul 9, 2017.

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  1. JHusMan

    JHusMan Well-Known Member

    Part exchange with Walcott/Chambers would be lovely.
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  2. yousif_arsenal

    yousif_arsenal King of Twitter Rumours Moderator

    Not the strongest link but we should keep this thread open
  3. GunnerFinn

    GunnerFinn Active Member

    'Considering a bid'. Wenger does an awful lot of thinking and not a lot of doing.
  4. JHusMan

    JHusMan Well-Known Member

    Just to add fuel.
  5. Hunta

    Hunta NOT In A Caravan Trusted

    Vanny Dyke.

    Lovely stuff.
  6. yousif_arsenal

    yousif_arsenal King of Twitter Rumours Moderator

    Dick law won't mind this deal
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  7. UpTheGunnerz

    UpTheGunnerz No Longer Phallus Obsessed

    might be giving Dick his rimjob afterall
  8. al-Ustaadh

    al-Ustaadh Professor of Twitter

    Need him next to Koscielny. Mourinho will bully our backline with Lukaku if we don't have a VVD-esque CB. Face in hands thinking of Per playing against United...
  9. karl

    karl Well-Known Member

  10. Crocrodile

    Crocrodile Well-Known Member

    You sell Gabriel, shop Mustafi.
    Mert, Bielik, Chambers haven't played.

    So for filling 3 spots you have:
    an injury prone Koscielny
    a struggling Holding
    LB Monreal even though Kola is better

    Oy I 'm ****ing livid.
  11. GDeep™

    GDeep™ Wrong, But Rarely

    They won't take Theo he isn't good enough.
  12. al-Ustaadh

    al-Ustaadh Professor of Twitter

    Make it Walcott, please.
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  13. Furious

    Furious Xhaka Propagandist

    VVD and Sterling done. Mahrez next. Blimey.
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  14. JHusMan

    JHusMan Well-Known Member

  15. Hunta

    Hunta NOT In A Caravan Trusted

    Lucas Perez and Calum Chambers along with £40m in a suitcase is what I'm hearing.
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  16. berric

    berric Well-Known Member

    We should pay them just to ship them Walcott.
  17. tap-in

    tap-in Nothing Wrong With Me

    I think they would take Chambers and he would probably be open to it. Walcott no way, also he wouldn't agree to it.
  18. albakos

    albakos Arséne Wenger: "I will miss you" Administrator

    Anyone ready to drive Walcott down to Soton in exchange for VVD ?
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  19. Malky

    Malky Well-Known Member

    Theo + Cash for Van Dijk.
    Gibbs + Cash for Evans and we've upgraded our CB options massively.
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  20. Aevi

    Aevi Smooth Moderator

    It's actually not a bad deal for them. Southampton needs goals, especially on the wings. They're extremely reliant on their strikers.
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