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Im excited. Finally spending big big money on a area of the pitch we have needed for a decade. White and tierney are part of the future, a top rb and a on form gab and we will be solid.


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Getting Mustafi vibes.

Holding can't let himself be done dirty by Rashford like this.
I mean *Holding won't let himself dirty by Rashford like this.

It's what I've always suspected. White is not a good defender. At least holding is semi decent at defending. Holding at 2m is by far the better value for money.

Meanwhile, we have a CB that's probably as good as if not better than White and Arteta binned him due to politics.

We've spent 75million without even improving the first team ffs


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Barely saw him play but I did see glimpses of his passing ability. Strange how high we want him to play, he was nowhere to be seen when Bellerin cost us that 2nd goal. 😅


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Had nice run out. But as per usual same 11 as last season plus white doesnt really do anything. Hes worse than luiz defensively and that will show. Probably didn't need to spend another 50 m on a cb while alienating saliba... what a mismanagement of resources. If we make same mistake and bring in welbeck 2.0 from chelsea we will finish 10th.


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"Playing it out from the back" ...the worst thing to ever to happen in modern football.

White will improve us though, we definitely needed a new CB.


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I was surprised he got on after only one training session - but I guess we have no other CBs right now. Our problems in defense were not down to White, but due to the midfielders and the system we were playing. There was actually little to go on to judge him defensively other than the goal saving sliding tackle he made on Ziyech. He was playing the system we set out to play.

In a real match against Chelsea, without Gabriel, I think we'd be playing much more conservatively.


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Good to see he put respects performance after nearly 2 months without football and only 1-2 training sessions


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Elneny playing really conservative there with White. Arsenal were taking risks pushing the CBs up defending Chelsea players one on one, but did nothing to use Whites ability to progress play in possession. Hopefully that changes.

Neither Xhaka or Elneny seem comfortable in that deep pivot role under pressure, and that negates a lot of White's attributes. Hopefully they change that as he gets more integrated.

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