Wengers biggest mistake not signing a right player..

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Anonymous, Sep 1, 2004.

  1. RocktheCasbah

    RocktheCasbah New Member Elite

    All you doubters are dickheads. Sorry, but you all go on about Ashley Cole, he wasn't born into the team in his current position as the world's left back, you know? How do you think he improved?

    In fact it was only last year that people were saying Wayne Bridge was better than him.
  2. arsenal4life

    arsenal4life New Member

    i think we'll going to sign 2 defenders in january
    we have easy group stage
    and we can handle it well now
    but in further stages
    i think wenger will get defenders
  3. icreaser

    icreaser New Member

    as soon as sol is back, we'll be fine, give hoyte a chance, we'll never get the youngsters through if we give them this much stick after only playing one game and making a mistake.
    Lauren isn't exactly the best defender in the world and kolo and sol have often covered his mistakes when they happen, so why can't they do that when he doesn't play??? right midfield we have no problems, pires, ljungberg, pennant, even reyes can all play there, how many other teams in europe boast such talent??
    why does everyone always have to look on the downside all the time, we are playing the best football the EPL has ever seen and our own supporters can't even appreciate it!!!
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Actually, there is another right back in the youth team called Kerrea Gilbert who is very highly rated. I think he is 17, but already played for the reserves. Big, stong and fast - a typical Wenger player. England youth international aswell.

    One to look out for.
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    once u play the best football u(the supporter) becomes a perfectionist and wants his team to be perfect.At the moment the arsenal team is only 85% perfect,but it has the potential to be 100%,and therefore making it in the process potentially one of the greatest sides of all time.
  6. the dawn raids

    the dawn raids New Member Trusted

    Angulo would have been nice, but we will cope fine.

    Trabelsi has dodgy knees, and doesnt even play for Ajax anymore as he's holdig out; decent player, but seems to carry a lot of baggage.

    So basically Im not devastated at missing either.
  7. AFCG7

    AFCG7 New Member Elite

    I dont see a problem with people expressing worry over our defensive problems.
    We have problems if either Campbell or Toure arent fit.
    This is fact and it shows in the anxiety of us fans whenever any of the 2 are injured..everbody just hoping and hoping that whoever replaces them dont cock up.
    All i'm saying is that we should have a backup capable enough so that we the fans dont have to worry that much. Cygan worries me at CB and so does Hoyte.
  8. arsenal4life

    arsenal4life New Member

    any more info about the lad

    did you watch him ?
  9. sebasvard

    sebasvard New Member

    From official site:

    Kerrea Gilbert

    Regular captain for the Under-17s, Kerrea (pronounced Kerry) also played for the Under-19s last season, and continued to make excellent progress.

    A strong and athletic right full-back, who can also play in the middle, Kerrea made his debut for the reserves towards the end of the season.

    Another of the scholars who is an England Youth International.


    I wouldn't want to mess with him! :D
  10. dynasty

    dynasty Active Member

    i couldnt be bothered to read all of it because i have to go sleep..
    but for all the doubters..what did you expect him to do after angulo backtracked in the 11th hour??? he tried trabelsi... but both failed..do you just want to get anybody that can play in the right??? i for one dont want to see any panic buys...
    i think having a pretty comfortable group stage made wenger think of waiting till the jan. window...
    If you guys really think our squad is good enough..what makes it so much different from the team last year??? keown???where he only started like 5 games in the primiership???what???
    i actually prefer waiting because we get to see if hoyte and pennant will be good enough ..if not then we buy..do you really think we will be like 10 pts away the preimiership and not qualify from our group?
  11. quattro

    quattro Active Member

    yeah... thats why they invented championship manager...

    can you please come back to reality?

    Arsène TRIED to get a rb... a highly rated one and one that we could afford. the talks broke down. i really wouldn't know how he rates hoyte, but that is not the issue. the issue is YOU guys whining on how Arsène wenger has NOT been doing anything to improve us... which is pure bullsh*t. he IS doing something about it. unfortunately in the real world not all our plans come into fruition no matter how soundly and well thought out those plans may be. at the moment though, we are in a pretty comfortable position as far as your precious CL goes... we can AFFORD to wait for the next transfer window to bring in someone in case we failed to do so in the last (which we did).

    bottomline... all you pundit wannabes have nothing to whine on about how wenger has handled the management of transfers as far as the present team is concerned. most of you were clamoring to get the dead wood out... he did it. most of you wanted a great strike partner for henry... DONE! most of you wanted to get a new right back... he TRIED, and momentarily we are at loggerheads on that but it is still very resolvable. considering with what we have right now and how we're performing, i dont think ANYONE could've done a better job than le boss. certainly not whiny pundits who whinge for the moon but dont really know what it takes to get there. i'll take Arsène's judgements with confidence any day.
  12. jeromelee

    jeromelee New Member

    Sometimes I wonder about the fans. The same fans who were clamouring about giving the youngsters a chance to shine, the same fans who said come on replace cygan with hoyte or senderos are now saying hoyte's crap. Just cause he made some mistakes in his first start for arsenal. Immediately you're screaming doom. Get a grip guys. Hoyte can only improve as the season go on. Don't write him off just yet. I remember when reyes first started in Arsenal a lot of people were saying he doesn't seem to be able to link up well with Henry. Doesn't seem like a good buy. Ronaldo seemed a better player. And the same people are now saying Reyes is the future. What the heck guys, just chill out and give the boy a chance man.
  13. gunnertilldeath

    gunnertilldeath New Member Elite

    the nay-sayers about our options at right-back are really beginning to tick me off. hoyte is full of potential. let him grow. bringing someone else in will only inhibit his growth. that kid has the potential to be great. throw him in at the deep end. let him prove that he has what it takes to make it at arsenal. Arsène tried to get a new RB and that didnt work out so lets look at the positives of that. trablesi not coming gives us the chance to watch one of our own mature. dont cry doom. Arsène has faith in this boy and he watches him play every day. we dont.
  14. Gunner Ossie

    Gunner Ossie New Member

    I have a question for all those who are defending Arsène wenger on the grounds that our squad is good enough without angulo & trabelsi, and insist that wenger should not be critised for anything.

    If you are so so certain that our squad will cope perfectly fine without angulo & trabelsi, how come you wont criticise/disagree with wenger for attempting to bring in 2 players, which you have so vehemently argued we dont need.

    What you are in effect saying is that you think wenger is wasting 7 million quid, because our current squad can cope with what ever task wenger sets them.

    It just seems like a contradiction, when on the one hand your saying trust wenger, dont criticise him, he knows what he is doing. But then on the other hand your insistance that our current squad is adeqate implies that you think wenger is buying players we dont really need and thereby wasting money.

    So to heart of the matter what footballing skills do you think wenger thought trabelsi & angulo would bring to arsenal that we dont already have.
  15. quattro

    quattro Active Member

    i replied earlier to this, but i wasn't satisfied with it so here i go again:

    while i am not one of those who "vehemently argue that they aren't needed", i can't criticize wenger for attempting to IMPROVE a squad which from evidence of our first 5 matches look very sharp and strong. yes, i think we are strong enough to cope even in the champion's league with the squad we have now and it would be nice to have the additional options of both trabelsi and angulo. THAT is not contradictory to saying we can cope without them.

    not at all. i believe we ARE good enough. we've improved TREMENDOUSLY from last season and you can't say that last season was anywhere near disgraceful. spending 7M however on trabelsi and angulo COULD have improved us further. that in no way contradicts the statement that we are good enough as it is.

    again you are wrong.

    football is not a science. nothing is exact. that said, saying we are good enough to win and saying we can still improve are not contradictory. wasting 7M? how are we to know? henry was scoring tons last year. in that sense we WERE coping (hell we had the highest number of goals last season). did the addition of reyes mean that we were wasting 17M on a luxury? well look at us now... was it a waste?

    not very exact isn't it?

    additional options who could cover in times of injuries or suspensions or other excuses. and before you go with some retort like "aha! so you admit then that we DO need them"... that is speculative and i go back to last season's performances as proof. we did pretty well without them and compared to last season we (at least IMO) have better depth (hoyte instead of keown, flamini or cesc instead of parlour etc) already even without adding angulo and trabelsi.

    again football is not an exact science. and for what its worth, we have started the season like a house on fire. if you could still judge Arsène's management as "questionable" after all the tangible things he has shown then maybe you should manage arsenal, because i really dont see anything wrong with us.

    now before someone here then goes "but hoyte gave away that penalty to norwich... hell if that was raul we'd be f*cked"... the same was said about cygan. "damn he gets skinned so easily in the prem... if we face inter with him around we're dead". well we know how that went. those are REAL examples btw, not speculations of if's and but's.
  16. kel varnsen

    kel varnsen New Member Trusted

    so true!!!

    a lot of folks say "wenger knows" and leave it at that; but wenger tried to sign not one, but TWO players. he wanted to strengthen the squad, and in particular our right side. what does that tell you? wenger knows that the team could have used a couple of reinforcements. to all those saying we don't need angulo and/or trabelsi: do you think you know better than wenger?

    wenger and arsenal tried to sign a few players, but they failed. it's as simple as that... i'm not criticising wenger or dein, I just aknowledge the fact that they tried and failed. it happens, deal with it...
  17. gooner#1

    gooner#1 New Member

    Cant Reyes ,RVPand Fabregas play on the right ?
    Pires and Bergkamp are emergency cover.Towards the end of last season Dennis played there , and Bobby has played right midfield aswell for France.
    RB is my main concern but kolo can play there.
  18. dynasty

    dynasty Active Member

    i really doubt he wated both...i think he wanted one of the 2,,,,, i think the reason why angulo didnt join(again just my theory) is that yhe saw what he saw in lauren and might wanted to concert him to rb!!!if he wanted to bring 2 fair enough...
    but seriously what are you guys moaning about???wenger tried..better save the money and see whats available on jan..if you guys really think we are not good enough to qualify for the next round..then you have low regard for arsenal...the league..everybody knows that the league doesnt start until mid jan....
    so the only thing that we can be out of is the carling cup...yipeE!!!!
  19. jasonlohkh

    jasonlohkh New Member

    From the days the news of Wenger interest in Angulo and Trablesi broke out, i have my full support for Wenger decision. I think the RM is not a big problem for us as we have enough cover over there.Angulo is a decent player.Someone like ljunberg who likes to drift to the center and act as a AMC.Just the same way Pires is playing currently. With him we will have a rich talent in reserve
    My concern is the RB position. Then again we have Lauren, Toure and Hoyte. Many fans want Toure to remains as CB. But Toure definitely can play as a RB wiith all his pace and strength. I think Wenger will play Hoyte as CB is Lauren is injured and move Toure to RB.
    If Lauren And Toure is injured then we still have Hoyte as RB and Cygan/Senderos as cb.
    Wenger is not desperate to sign a RB but Trabelsi is a world class RB and most of all IS CHEAP.
  20. Loylz

    Loylz Moderator Moderator

    Iagree with you there but for RB I feel someone will be bought in January or Hoyte will be moved back there if Senderos proves to be good enough to be backup instead of Hoyte.

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