Wenger's Final Game: Huddersfield v Arsenal - 13th of May @ 15:00

Can Arsène pick up any away points in 2018?

  • Yes, we will finish 2018 with 3 away points.

  • Yes, we will finish 2018 with 1 away point.

  • No, we will finish 2018 with 0 away points.

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This is why I think top4 should be a realistic expectation next season. Winning the league is too much to ask, but top 4 is more than doable for this squad as it is, anything less would disappointing.

Yeah agree completely. Wouldn't swap our attacking cohort for any club in the league besides City, we just need to shore up the defence. Bizarre the way people are trying to make out we're miles behind.

Objective for any new manager should be to challenge for the title, with top 4 the minimum.

Proviso being that, as there are 6 top clubs in the league, I could accept that we've been unlucky if we for example get 80 points and finish 5th.


We’ve got rubbish keepers, no top defenders, a poor midfield and Ramsey is leaving.

6-8 at best next season. Our rivals will strengthen, have more experienced managers.
Think we're a pretty sure bet for 6th again next year, barring several well-placed, better-than-expected signings and an unusually seamless transition to the new guy.
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