West Ham: Jack is WilsHERE

Discussion in 'Football Talk' started by a_fourteen, Jun 25, 2015.

  1. Dregen57

    Dregen57 Member

    Hammers is good for him. More his level.
  2. albakos

    albakos Arséne Wenger: "I will miss you" Administrator

    Not too difficult to expect his next destination, but I feel Jack got some pretty bad advice last 2 seasons and his decision to break ways with Arsenal is quite sad.

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  3. Rain Dance

    Rain Dance Well-Known Member Trusted

    Good luck Jack
  4. Rimaal

    Rimaal Questionable Taste

  5. celestis

    celestis Arsenal-Mania Veteran Moderator

    Glad Jack is still in the EPL , hope they make him captain.
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  6. Relic

    Relic Well-Known Member

    Two reasons for me to cheer on Westham this season, Wilshere and Fabianski. :bounce:

    Unless they play or results effects Arsenal, in that case f*ck'em.:mad:
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  7. Dokaka

    Dokaka AM's resident Hammer

    Quite happy with our dealings so far. If nothing else, it definitely feels like the board believes in Pellegrini and are backing him financially.

    I mean ****, we've spent £20m on behalf just a young CB. Wilshere on a free is brilliant business and Yarmolenko is worth a punt for £17m.

    Love that we brought in Fabianski. Has his flaws but he's such a likeable dude and a WC keeper on his best days.

    Interested to see what we do with Reece Oxford. Had a so-so loan in Germany but certainly showed promise.

    Hope we bring in Felipe Anderson. He's a risk but he's the type of player than can transform an attack a la Payet if he works out. He'd be a great way to end a great window for us.
  8. rich 1990

    rich 1990 Not Actually a Moaner

    Tbf, it wasn't his decision. It was Emery's. If Wenger was still here, Wilshere would have stayed and carried on in his comfort zone.

    Glad the failure's gone.
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  9. albakos

    albakos Arséne Wenger: "I will miss you" Administrator

    I was referring to past 2 seasons, mainly his decision to go out on loan to Bournemouth proved to be a bad move.
    Even after coming back from there, Wenger almost begged him publicly to sign the new deal, but Jack prolonged it too much, and by the time Emery was here, there was no more emotional attachment to keeping Wilshere.

    I wish nothing but the very best to Jack at West Ham.
  10. American_Gooner

    American_Gooner Not actually American. Unless Di Marzio says so. Moderator

    West Ham fans are discussing rumours on twitter that Carroll got injured while he was drunk and trying to sneak back into his hotel room in the night...:lol:
  11. Rex Banner

    Rex Banner Massive SAFophile Trusted

    Falling off a balcony pissed :lol: :lol:

    In tears here, @Dokaka loving life.
  12. <<reed>>

    <<reed>> Severe daddy issues

    Meanwhile in the other thread:
  13. Dokaka

    Dokaka AM's resident Hammer

    **** like this is why I follow the club :lol: You don't get this **** anywhere else.

    Except for in Leicester where you get boys getting rimmed while yelling racist remarks.
  14. GoonerJeeves

    GoonerJeeves Up The Terriers

    I wish Jack well, he is joining a proper football club.
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  15. Batman

    Batman Bruce Wayne

    I hope Jack does well not just because of what he meant to us but because England could really use a fit and firing Jack Wilshere in 2 years.
  16. Dokaka

    Dokaka AM's resident Hammer

    Felipe Anderson - Lazio, £35m

    Andriy Yarmolenko - Borussia Dortmund, £17.5m

    Jack Wilshere - Free

    Ryan Fredericks - Fulham, free

    Lukasz Fabianski - Swansea City, £7m

    Fabian Balbuena - Corinthians, undisclosed

    Issa Diop - Toulouse, £22.5m

    So chuffed with this, holy ****.

    On another note, am I the only one who thinks our dealings this summer look very similar to what you lot did during the austerity years? :lol: Lots of smart cheap deals, a few punts on very promising players etc. The fees are obviously higher but the inflation has been significant in football since then, so a deal that's worth £35m today is probably "worth" the same as a £15-20m deal 10 years ago.
  17. Dregen57

    Dregen57 Member

    Why do you write on a Arsenal fan forum?
  18. Garrincha

    Garrincha Wilf Zaha Aficionado

    Other clubs fans always add to the forum.

    Even the City & Xhaka fans have good posts occasionally.
  19. Emeryates

    Emeryates Kyle Walker at RB or we riot


    Looks good tbh
  20. GoonerJeeves

    GoonerJeeves Up The Terriers

    It might go alright for West Ham this year, bloody awful owners though...

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