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  1. gunnerama911

    gunnerama911 New Member

    Use this thread to post about a film you've just watched whether it was on TV, DVD, Cinema etc.

    How good was it? How bad was it?

    To start off:

    You got served

    Unbelievably CRAP. Waste of money making the film. Not one character can act in it.

  2. American Gangster - Directed by Ridley Scott and starring Russel Crowe and Denzel Washington. Superb film 9/10.

    GUNNERS4L1FE Well-Known Member

    Snap, I watched that last night, very good film.
  4. The Flood- quite good timing to watch it, good film as well, worth watching

  5. irishgoooner

    irishgoooner New Member

    3:10 to yuma

    best western i,ve seen since unforgiven,well worth watching :wink:
  6. tam1886

    tam1886 New Member Elite

    Cool Hand Luke.

    First i've seen it. Amazing film. I've been singing that song he sings when his mother dies all day long.

    The bit eating all the eggs made me feel sick though.

    I think next up for me will be American Gangster soon.
  7. USgoonergirl

    USgoonergirl New Member

    I liked 3:10 to Yuma alot too.

    Layer Cake. Didnt know much about it when I started watching, but I thought it was good.
  8. bojed

    bojed AM Resident Joker #1 Trusted

    little manhattan

    brings back memories of my 1st love experience when i was a kiddo back then.

  9. stuart

    stuart New Member Trusted

    I've not watched a film in yonks!
  10. Alfonso

    Alfonso New Member Elite

    Saw Eastern Promises last night, a film directed by the legendary David Cronenberg.

    A good film about the Russian Mafia in London. Felt it was quite a realistic portray of the dark London underworld, and it's style was similar to Godfather, but obviously not as good. The acting was superb, esp by Vincent Cassel aka Phil Senderos with long hair and Viggo Mortensen, who gave a potential oscar winning peformance. However, there were some flaws in it to prevent it being a pefect film though. For example, the ending could have been better and it could have gone on for a bit longer

    There is a fight scene in it that will go down in history though! Vintage Cronenberg.

  11. YeahBee

    YeahBee Terrible hot takes

    Night of the Living death, a real classic, gonan watch part 2 and 3 tonight!
  12. YeahBee

    YeahBee Terrible hot takes

    Watched 3:10 to Yuma a while back so frekkin awesome you won't believe
    Looking forward to Eastern Promises, loved History of Violence
  13. tam1886

    tam1886 New Member Elite

    I've been wanting to see that one. Forgot about it though.
  14. No.8_Wright

    No.8_Wright New Member

    Just saw Love Honour & Obey again.

    Such a light hearted gangster movie. Ray Winstone is a legend!


    Oh and just saw Bronx Tale on DVD again, absolute classic.


    Will be going to see American Gangster soon, glad you all seem to be giving it good reviews!
  15. Lord Dula

    Lord Dula New Member Elite


    Very good - you actually feel pumped up after watching it


    American Psycho is my fave film.
  16. YeahBee

    YeahBee Terrible hot takes

    WTF? Sucked donkey balls if you ask me

    So many great movies in that genre and this is nothing special at all

    Again it sucks

    go watch Goodfellas, Scarface, Casino, Godfather, Donnie Brasco, Mean Streets instead
  17. tam1886

    tam1886 New Member Elite

    Seen all of them apart from Mean Streets. I got Donnie Brasco abuot 6 months ago on DVD, and it was the first time I seen it. I instantly wanted to watch it again it was that good. The interesting thing about it is looking into the real life stories of it all. When I watched the film, I went and read about it all, then watched the film again, and it becomes more like a documentary in a way because you lose the feeling of it being just a film.
  18. Alfonso

    Alfonso New Member Elite

    Saw American Gangster the other day. It was a good movie, but it was not a great one, i.e a classic like Godfather. But I guess I had such high expectations due to the hype. Its def worth seeing though, but its on the same level as Donnie Brasco, which is still good. Denzel blatantly was watching Micheal Corelone in the Godfather whilst he was playing this role, very similar in the way he carried himself.

    Cant wait for Righteous Kill. Pacino, De Niro and..... erm 50 Cent. Should be interesting.
  19. True Gooner

    True Gooner New Member Elite

    Swashank Redemption..amazing movie...could watch it over and over again
  20. gunnerGH

    gunnerGH New Member

    This is England.

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