What games do you play right now?

Discussion in 'Football Games (FIFA, FM, FPL, etc.)' started by jonass, Nov 13, 2015.

  1. krackpot

    krackpot Well-Known Member

    :lol: exactly. FIFA is shallow and cheesy, but a God-sent for a quick game.:D

    Wife wants the computer, kids want the TV...dear ol dad? he can go fcukin sleep.

    All I need to do is to open up a game review, and wifey is breathing down my back.... "last time you played that stupid Football Manager, I couldn't speak with you for three days":lol:
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  2. Beksl

    Beksl Sell All The Youngsters

    Will do! Have any other suggestions maybe?
  3. Rain Dance

    Rain Dance Well-Known Member Trusted

    D&D stuff?
    Total Warhammer I & II
    I guess, been waiting for sales on those myself
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  4. blaze_of_glory

    blaze_of_glory Ozil+Laca+Auba ffs Moderator

    Not playing anything at the moment, aside from PES and Everybody's Golf (which is great) here and there. But no real time-sink games. Cant seem to get into anything. Wolfenstein lost me, remembered why I don't play shooters...
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  5. Jury

    Jury Mission Accomplished

    I was round my dads the other day and he was stuck on Wolfenstein, so I got him out of the incinerator room and beat up the big robot thing for him (Yes, that's the bit before the actual start of the game! He's old). Looks a really good game tbh. Quite grim from what I saw. I'm having it off him when he's finished with it circa 2024 I reckon.
  6. blaze_of_glory

    blaze_of_glory Ozil+Laca+Auba ffs Moderator

    I'm a couple of hours past that and stuck on another large robot. I'm ****ing awful at shooting things.
  7. hydrofluoric acid

    hydrofluoric acid Agenda Merchant

    What are the best golf games for PS4? Rory are terrible compared to Tiger. Can you play tiger in PS4?

    I rent both my PS4 and PS3 but I would think about taking PS3 back if I can't play tiger on PS4.
  8. Jury

    Jury Mission Accomplished

    Playing Golf games takes me back to the times when about 4 of us would have a tournament for real money whilst wired. I played my best golf with my heart rate at about 190bpm. Winning was an amazing feeling. We'd hold the controllers so tight that we'd get severe cramp.
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  9. hydrofluoric acid

    hydrofluoric acid Agenda Merchant

    Yeah I when before going out for party I always liked golf better than FIFA. You just sit chilled with beer and few lines while you wait for your move. FIFA you don't have chance for that.
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  10. Rain Dance

    Rain Dance Well-Known Member Trusted

    dang this makes me smile
  11. Jury

    Jury Mission Accomplished

    :lol: The amount of times I've been around his house and asked how he was getting on with a game, and he says, "aah, I didn't like it that much", rather than say he got stuck. I know what to do now. Switch on the PS4, go to his last game played and 'continue' from where he was. It's always at a part where I know he got stuck. So I play it for ten minutes and hand it over to him, and then he's off and running again!
  12. Rain Dance

    Rain Dance Well-Known Member Trusted

    did you get him the Witcher 3 too?
  13. Jury

    Jury Mission Accomplished

    Not sure he'd like those, but could be worth a try. Old people don't like trying new things though! He likes sniper games like the Ghost Snipe series where he can hide and shoot people from miles away with no pressure or risk of being killed.
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  14. blaze_of_glory

    blaze_of_glory Ozil+Laca+Auba ffs Moderator

    Highly recommend Everybody's Golf for PS4. Simple but fun an satisfying. Reminds me of the good old Mario Golf days.
  15. Rain Dance

    Rain Dance Well-Known Member Trusted

    damn... hardcore FPS player get him to join silver snipers
  16. Jury

    Jury Mission Accomplished

  17. c00lguy

    c00lguy Well-Known Member

    I'd love to be enjoying video games when I'm 80.

    But I'm losing interest and I'm only in my early 20's. I don't find many of the popular games enjoyable any more. I'm only into strategy games now.

    Europa Universalis 4 is my current favourite but Zeus master of Olympus was my all time favourite game.
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  18. Gooner416

    Gooner416 Well-Known Member

    Gave up on the PS4. I've been grinding the hell out of pc games such as CSGO, Fortnite and Battalion 1944. On the latter, I recommend Battalion to anyone who enjoyed the older CoDs such as CoD4 Pro Mod and CoD 2 on PC.
  19. YeahBee

    YeahBee Terrible hot takes

    I just ordered Kingdome come for the ps4

    I tihnk I need a new TV to, what good is a next gen game when you only have a 720 TV? :p

    ordered call of duty infinite wars to, solely for the remastered modern warfare, ace of a game that, the sneak chernobyl map is king

    49 or 50 inch TV, 55+ is just overkill right?

    My living room is not that big
  20. hydrofluoric acid

    hydrofluoric acid Agenda Merchant

    So what is your opinion on overwatch dota2 and lol?

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