What games do you play right now?


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It is on Gamepass, I got it downloaded but no desire to play it yet even though I keep hearing good things.
There's a few things that make me dislike it from time to time. One thing is the Level-Design including the map. Whole thing is in Metroidvania-Style. So u have to go back to previously visited places once you get a clearance code. In my second playthrough it was ok but on my first .. i got lost so many times.

Also there's a certain Sidequest that u can see marked on the map but all you see is a locked door and i tried like an hour to get to the marked place only to find out u had to finish the main story to get to that place. that's ****ty gamedesign imho. Would suggest if u ever play it - just play story first and if u liked it come back half a year later and go all in. Gave me the perfect experience.

And sometimes the difficulty is weird ... everything is easy and then all of a sudden you can get stomped. there is no easy/medium/hard setting. BUT what i really appreciate there is that the Devs made "Cheats" available in the Optionsmenu. Godmode, Recharge Rate for energy and hp etc, everything is customizable to your needs. I used this to complete the Steam-Achievements.
Nintendo Switch Lite FIFA20 & Notebook Computer Football Manager 2020
Right now i am playing with Galatasaray Istanbul Football Manager 2020.
Started with FC Arsenal London but the Premier League too strong.
Than playing still sometimes with GNK DINAMO ZAGREB.
With FC Bayern Munchen it don´t run good me was sacked.
AC Milan don´t run good so me try now new Career
with Galatasaray Istanbul in Turkey Football Manager 2020 Notebook.
In FIFA20 on Nintendo Switch Lite i am best play career modus
& also FIFA20 online 20 WINS 2 DRAWS 5 LOST


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Finished the Mass Effect Remaster yesterday. Even though the core game mechanics, especially for Part 1, are still outdated after the overhaul - what those games deliver in Lore, Artstyle and Storytelling in a trilogy is second to none.

The fact that u can transport ur savegame to the next game (because your decisions really matter!) was already awesome back then and i still can't think of any game that does it now. Decisions you made in the first game will have an impact on the second & third etc. If u have a slight interest for Sci-Fi and / or great storytelling and haven't played it by now, just do it already. You may shed a few tears as well as you'll have some great laughs.

First Part is basically worldbuilding, the combat is really not very well done but u get to explore a lot, learn about the world, it's races and challenges. It came out 2007 and landing on another planet and being able to drive around with a vehicle was a big deal for me back then and the game can make you do really uncomfortable decisions.

Second part is more dense, focuses on characters and your crew and it has one of the best final missions in game history imho - so much is at stake and, once again, your decisions matter SO much how this whole thing will end. Also comes with good DLCs.

Third Part gameplay really shines, the combat is the best in the series and it ties all the strings together from the previous parts. Story/Lorewise its behind the first two but there's a reason to it and i dont wanna spoil it. Also comes with the best DLCs, and one of them is just a feel-good-dlc but after u played 1&2 and most of 3 and get to play that DLC .. u're up for a great time.

TLDR: Mass Effect Legendary Edition is out and it's awesome. If you never played Mass Effect you suck but you got a chance to redeem yourself.

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