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What have you sacrificed for your season ticket?

Do you think season tickets are too expensive?

  • yes

  • no

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thomas kavanagh

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I am a journalist writing a piece on what fans give up for their clubs. Let me know on here what you have had to to give up in order to support Arsenal this season. Let me know your opinion on pricing, value for money etc... thanks :)


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That's a good topic, I'd like to see how many fans on here are season ticket holders, and what it means for them to pay that much money and be disappointed at the end of every season.


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Way too expensive to even consider; I have nothing close to the value of a season ticket. Cheapest one goes for around 1050, which is more expensive than anything I've bought in my life.

Too much for a student from a humble background. The ridiculous price alienates a lot of the poorer fans, too.


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give up on sleep and a lot of office work to stay up late at night and watch the matches on TV.

they came to my city to play a friendly, but the ticket was too expensive to have value for money (was just a friendly after all)
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