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What is the issue?

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Mark Appleyard

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Hi everyone,

Just signed up & this is my first post. I was just wondering about the situation with the arsenal transfers. I dont pay too much interest in other clubs transfers & if they dont sign most rumoured players.
Anyway when i watch arsenal & after another unsuccessful season to me & Im sure most others its obvious the formation we play that we need a more reliable cb to play instead of the bfg, a quality natural rm/rw and a quality cf to play instead of giroud but keeping him for back up & games which suit his play. Anyway I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks this & have heard numerous fans say the same.
My question is if so many people know this why is it always the same problem? Surely it can't just be wengers fault & if so why does no higher management step in & say so? Would a better option to be having someone else in charge of transfers & costs & leave wenger mainly to coaching the team. Obviously he would have to see if a potential signing fits the play but aside from that, leave the signing to someone else?


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Problem is always money and our ability to get the best we can within our budget.

It's easy to buy when you have money, easiest job in the world for Pep, Jose, Conte etc.

Some fans don't want to hear those hard truths though.


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1) stubborn manager who is also past his sell by date

2) useless owner and board who are uninspiring, gormless, soulless and only see the club as a money making venture.



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We're a joke of a club, that's the issue.

Who in their right mind keeps mediocre bollocks like Jenkinson, Debuchy, Flamini, Walcott, and other ****heads for more than a season at a top club? They're so far away from the required quality it's unreal.


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We're not as rich as City/United etc. but we're not as poor as we make ourselves look either. All you need to do is look at the spending of teams around us and you can get a general idea of our spending power.

We're terrified of taking risks in the window but it's something we occasionally need to do as we're not a tier 1 (maybe even tier 2 club) anymore. You take a few Andy Carroll's for that one Suarez, something I'm hoping our board/manager learns at some point.

Also the way we handle our contracts is disgusting and we're maybe the worst side in the league at selling players but maybe that's for another thread.
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