What makes an Arsenal player a club legend?


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Lol yeah it was Nasri cousin he was trying to set him up. Imma do a podcast about Arsenal around that period one of these days those were funny times.

Send me a link and a shout out, when you get to Coquelin...

"My man Riou told me this guy was good, getting sent off v Sp**s and bounced around v Chelsea..."Cock", was indeed a very fitting nickname for this guy."


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What you on about? Anelka was CRITICAL in winning a DOUBLE.

Özil won 4 trophies here. Ramsey is our scoring mid ever. These two meet your criteria too.

Just say you love Santi and leave it at that.
The irony in your comment
So you would rather sh!t talk Cazorla in favour of Özil when Santi scored one of the goals in our first FA CUP final wins in 9 years?
What did Özil do in our first FA CUP final (2014) as compared to Cazorla?

Özil and Podolski were the worse 2 players for Arsenal during that 2014 final in a team that was below average. Tells you all you need to know.

Cazorla scored a goal in our first final win in 9 years. what did Özil do?

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I think at this point, its almost impossible be be a legend at Arsenal without a league title.

Brady is the only one that comes to mind, that is a legend here without one...but I think after our 5 league titles from 1989-2004, the players at that time just raised the bar.

Yeah, you do get the odd exception.

It's telling how far the club has fallen that there's even debate about the likes of RVP being a club legend though. A couple of seasons of very high quality performances over a 8-9 year career here isn't good enough for me, not even close, particularly with the lack of silverware .

I wouldn't put him in but Ramsey may be the closest over the past 10-15 years. Got the tenure here, big game player that certainly contributed heavily to a few FA Cup wins.


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Every time someone mentions Nasri, I think of ...

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Fabregas gave up any claim to being a "legend" the day he snaked Wenger, the club and the fans by refusing to train. Nasri isn't anywhere close to being a legend either but even he has more claim to that than Fabregas, played a game he didn't need to against Liverpool and left a few days later.

As I said whether Ramsey is as good a player as Fabregas or whatever midfielder you want to name is totally irrelevant. FWIW I agree that Fabregas was a better player but the history books will always show that Ramsey achieved a lot more for us. Realistically I would find it hard to call any "Emirates era" player a legend but Ramsey has as close to a big claim as any.
I agree that non of the Emirates guys are legends.
I never said he was a legend. Cesc comes just below legend. He and many Emirates era players are just cult heroes. He was delt a bad hand because when he broke through Arsenal had gone into ‘We are paying for the stadium” faze. Buying cheap young players, develop them and then sell them on.

As we can all see, trying to determine what constitutes a Legend becomes subjective. Everyone seems to adhere to their personal criteria.

And I think the term legend is amorphous. To me there are 2 routes to becoming a legend.

Route One..
For big clubs (global money clubs), clubs that have a very consistent history of winning big trophies (League titles / CL), in order to be labelled a legend you have got to have won a serious trophy (League title or CL). Surely.

For smaller clubs a player has got to have longevity (years of loyalty) and consistency (talisman). Then that player becomes a club legend.

Route Two.
And at a big club, a player can becomes a legend if they have longevity on their side, they have got to be top top performers (Talismen) for at least 80% of each season. Even if they don’t win anything but have these individuals qualities on their side then they can be labelled as legends.
Cesc Fabregas was going this way until he disrespected our club with his little Barcelona games. Refusing to play and going to watch F1 motorsport etc..

The likes ot Cesc, Özil, Santi, Ramsey, Rosicky, Wilshere, Sanchez etc then just become CULT HEROES like many have said..


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Came across this and just had to post somewhere. Imagine going into games with prime Viera in our midfield again. Now that is a club legend. What a complete player.


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