What today's results mean for the CL, and for Arsenal.

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Arsenal316, Dec 10, 2003.

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  1. Arsenal316

    Arsenal316 New Member Elite

    Arsenal finished top of their group. So they get the # 1 seed along with:

    Man. U, Chelsea, Ac Milan, Real Madrid, Juventus, Lyon, and Monaco

    The second seeds are as follows: (Arsenal will meet one of these teams)

    Sparta Prague
    Celta Vigo
    Vfb Stuttgart
    FC Porto
    Lokomotiv Moscow (We can’t play them)
    Bayern Munich
    Deportivo La Coruna
    Real Sociedad

    So, we will play one of these teams. Good luck to Arsenal
  2. Stim

    Stim New Member Elite

    Not really worried about who we face. In fact i would rather of had one of the top seeds.
  3. A.Hussain

    A.Hussain New Member

    want to avoid munchen and depor.. but since we are the arse, we end up with the worst of luck....
  4. flotz

    flotz New Member

    hey you dont realize we've just win 10 millions?!
    super night
  5. Mark

    Mark New Member Elite

    an amazing comeback, i'm so ****ing proud. but we can't get over confident, it's likely we could get a tough team and we gotta keep playing like we are now. we seem to be learning how to play in the CL. keep it up we got a good chance this year! :D
  6. USArsenal

    USArsenal H.Y.I.C. Administrator

    i would also prefer to avoid Stuttgart....

    ideally, we would draw Real Sociedad or Celta Vigo.....

    anyway, just glad we're thru....
  7. Lukazan

    Lukazan New Member Elite

    Obviously there are one or two teams there that I would rather avoid, but yeah if we play well we can definitely beat any of them.
  8. Webdesignlab

    Webdesignlab New Member

    No doubt it will be bad for us... but we don't care we will win anyone at the moment.
  9. Arsenal316

    Arsenal316 New Member Elite

    The fact that we got through doesn't surprise me. That fact we're #1 in our group, surprises me.
  10. A.Hussain

    A.Hussain New Member

    when does the next draw happen?
  11. Arsenal316

    Arsenal316 New Member Elite

    This Friday.
  12. Andrew

    Andrew New Member

    All will be tough. I'm not going to go on about who we should avoid and who not. I think all those teams are good but whoever we draw we should take care of them. Even Bayern Munich just scraped through so if anything, they are the least in form of those.
  13. Arsenal316

    Arsenal316 New Member Elite

    My gut tells me we're going to get Spanish opposition....I don't know why, but I get the feeling we're either going to play Celta Vigo (Welcome back Silvinho) or we're going to renew hostilities with Deportivo. Just a feeling...... we'll see in a few days if I'm right. :p
  14. Arsenal316

    Arsenal316 New Member Elite

  15. satan_beckham

    satan_beckham New Member

    it dont look that bad anyway but it seems we always struggled against spanish oponents in the champions league,hope this new format will help us in our glory quest.
  16. Jinn

    Jinn New Member Elite

    Great that we're through - I don't care who we face next. We can beat them.
  17. adrea

    adrea New Member

    same here ;D
  18. koivu

    koivu New Member Trusted

    What are the odds that tickets will become available to the general public for our CL game? I was suprised that the attendance tonight was only 34,000 +. Since I'll be moving to London soon, I would LOVE the chance to take in a CL match..I know getting tickets is not going to be easy to say the least.
  19. tbbosa

    tbbosa New Member

    God forbid we don't get Stuttgart....I almost got a heart attack in these past few weeks.

    Damn I am just a supporter and the presure is too much, How about the Manager and players??
  20. flotz

    flotz New Member

    i think when highbury is not full its because of away supporter or safety reason cause im pretty sure it was sold out..it wasnt just a carling cup game
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