Who among Ramsey/Özil/Cazorla should be dropped?

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by sammy89, Aug 9, 2015.


Who among Ramsey/Özil/Cazorla should be dropped?

  1. Özil

  2. Ramsey

  3. Cazorla

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  1. Rain Dance

    Rain Dance Well-Known Member Trusted

    24 months? We had injury issues for far longer than that to be honest...
  2. Gooner n Proud

    Gooner n Proud a.k.a. nasri_8 and Voice of Flamini

    Yes but not to the extent and coinciding length we've experienced in the last 24 months. Before we would have one or 2 key players out for large chunks season e.g. Fabregas 08-09, RVP 09-10, whereas last season we had 8 players out all at the same time, that's madness! When Man city lost one player, Aguero, they crumbled and the media made excuses for their poor form because of it but when Arsenal have 8 essential players injured no one ever mentions it.
  3. Maxim

    Maxim Well-Known Member

    Haha, he was our 2nd highest goalscorer in 13/14 behind Giroud. 3rd highest last season behind Giroud and Alexis.

    And sorry but 10 league goals in half a season is fantastic for a midfielder.

    Look, we are struggling to score, taking our goalscorers off the pitch is not a logical decision.
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