Who is actually comming to Arsenal?

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Anonymous, Dec 11, 2003.

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Myles Palmer had said in one of his articles , he heard Arsenal had signed two strikers for the January deadline

    Does anyone know who, or have seen these so called strikers at the Arsenal or this more bullshit from him

  2. lewdikris

    lewdikris New Member Elite

    There have been others who'd heard the same info independently of Myles - i'd think it was more two strikers being shown round the ground, and persuaded.

    Someone said they'd heard it was Eto'o, but frankly, who knows?
  3. GoonerGurjit

    GoonerGurjit New Member Elite

    We haven't got too long to wait now. Some people have said that Eto'o was seen at London Colony but nothing concrete.
  4. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite

    London Colony lol. Arsène Wengers red and white army!
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    i don't think Eto'o is the answer. Too small for the EPL.

    We should go for Kluviert
  6. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite

    Etoo is a great player, but like Wiltord, perhaps too similar to Henry to work (his box instincts aren't as polished as some think).

    What is needed is a player who can keep Wengerball moves regulating at the same time as relieving the goal reliance on Henry. This would mean he would be a player with vision and passing ability at the same time as being efficient in the box. The player must be good in the air (to add another dimension to our game), and he must also have speed and flair.

    Stylish box player. The Kluivert of old would of qualified, and maybe under Wenger he would find something else in his game.
  7. Andrew

    Andrew New Member

    I agree 100% with you. Eto'o might turn out to be like Wiltord. And he's not the best finisher around either. And the Kluivert of old would be perfect. The other day against Real Madrid he showed glimpses of the player he used to be. If he can continue to show that sort of form then he would be the perfect partner to Henry.
  8. flotz

    flotz New Member

    i hope we'll sign kezman!
    he is the kind of player we need...he can keep wengerball and he is excellent in the box 8)
  9. kluivert

    kluivert New Member

    Well Adam there is only one man then & thats Trezeguet... it would be very expensive to get him, around 15/18 mil.Etoo is a very good striker but not a true fox, YET! (not on the level of Rvn, Schevchenko or Makaay) I think Arsène can turn him into a world great but the real problem is his attitude& the time it will take him to settle.!!!!

    Another thing that people are forgetting it will cost us a least 12 mil to get him & for that kind of money, Arsène should ask a bit more for the real deal "Trezegol".There is another player we should really think about & thats Ballack, this season will be another flop for bayern & since he joined them they haven't be the Bayern of old.I think after their CL exit heads will roll & he that will be our chance to give them " the coup de grace"12 mil & wiltord will do(can u imagine Viera & ballack at cm :shock: )

    This is my Arsenal team for 2004/2005 (wiv' realistic buys)


    Carr (3mil will do)

    Bobby" digital" Smith
    Ballack (12 mil+ Wiltord will do & if chelsea gets hold of emerson &/or Davids surely they'll leave Mika alone)

    Titi " Anaconda" Henry
    Trezegol ( We well need a lot of ifs to get him: we win the CL or semis, no new contract at juve, really wants to play alongside henry,... Board release 20 mill)

    Money out: 30/35 mil
    Money in: 10 mil january kitty + 10 mil knock out stage + 10 mil Semis or final + 5 mil summer kitty + Parlour,Cygan,Kanu,Lauren or Voltz,Keown,jeffers thats 10/12 mil... Thats around 40 mill we can do it!!!

    Subs: Taylor, Senderos, Ali, Edu, Clichy,Pennant (time to use our youngbloods)
  10. nnn

    nnn New Member

    Can't see the point selling Volz in return for Carr at 3 million, plain stupid, same thing with Ray, we'd be lucky to scrape 3 mill from those players, most of which will either be going on free or staying.

    Who's Bobby Smith ? Why bother typeing wiv' when with has the same number of keystrokes ?
  11. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite

  12. GoonerGurjit

    GoonerGurjit New Member Elite

    Exclusive by Stuart Roach

    Patrick Kluivert could be set to finish his career in the Premiership.
    Barcelona's Dutch international striker looks set to snub a move to England when the transfer window opens in January.

    But his personal manager has hinted that the 27-year-old still craves a move to the Premiership at some stage in his career.

    "We have been contacted by several top clubs in Europe, but Patrick has a contract to honour and that is his focus," Kim Loudrup told BBC Sport.

    "Patrick is very devoted to both FC Barcelona and the fans.

    "But he has great respect for the English Premiership and has underlined his desire to one day play for a top club in UK."

    Manchester United, Arsenal and Newcastle were all linked with moves for the striker, who is keen to emulate the success of fellow Dutchmen Ruud van Nistelrooy and Dennis Bergkamp.

    Loudrup added: "Patrick is among the best strikers in modern times.

    "His technical abilities and versatility would be an asset to any team and he has great admiration for Ruud and Dennis, both outstanding players for great clubs."

    Kluivert has struggled to impress at the Nou Camp this season and Barca hinted he would be given until the end of the year to prove himself - or face being released when the transfer window reopens in January.

    But that apparent ultimatum has resulted in an upturn in fortunes.

    Kluivert has scored three goals in Barcelona's last five games, including the consolation strike in the 2-1 home defeat by fierce rivals Real Madrid on Saturday.

    Source: BBC Sport

    Maybe signing Kluivert isn't as likely as some of us think.
  13. Alexone234

    Alexone234 New Member

    Kluivert is a quality player, and we talk about kluivert of old, he's like 27!!!!!
    That means for another four years he can be a great quality frontman along with Henry.

    A player like Kluivert will add a certain quality of name too, never to be underestimated when playing euroball.
  14. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    kluvert, Trezeguet or kezman

    i am not asking for much.
  15. Alexone234

    Alexone234 New Member

    We have a few mil to spend but nothing too substantial.

    That said, we paid zero for Toure and he has saved us a player purchase.
  16. Suki

    Suki New Member

    i want kluivert !
  17. USArsenal

    USArsenal H.Y.I.C. Administrator

    all speculation... none of us have ANY idea who they may or may not get... LOL i think it's funny... hell, we may even end up with Rivaldo for all we know
  18. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    hope not

    don't want another useless brazilian :mrgreen:
  19. kajej

    kajej New Member

    Kezman is a quality player and i would love to see him join us as he is an excellent Fox..very similiar to RVn..but yet again i wouldn't question any of Wenger's signings as he is a magician at transforming players to world-class individuals
  20. lewdikris

    lewdikris New Member Elite

    Can i just remind everyone we probably need to buy someone not cup-tied. Which rules out Kluivert, Eto'o. Kezman, and everyone else so far named....
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