Who should get the number 10?

Who should be getting the 10?

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Laca should have it, was his number at Lyon and #9 has always been bad omen.

If any number should be vacant it’s 9.


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Maybe if we sign Grealish, Ødegaard, Dybala or someone of that level. Depay 11, Buendia 8, Partey 6, Saliba 4, Gabriel 5, Martinelli 9.


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Would give it to Saka if he hadn't snatched the #7 already.

Rowenaldinho #10 gets my vote


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I wouldn't give it to anyone at the club at the moment tbh, I'd retire it until the right person comes along.

ESR could get it in the future but I want him to earn it first.

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The 10 shirt is tainted, still pissed off from when Gallas had it, should have retired it when he left and not in a good way, more of a burn it and never be spoken of again..

****ing Gallas, it is a minor thing in the big picture BUT that happening is one of the things that still annoy me today.

The way ESR is going and if he continues to do so, then its his to take.

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Willian, so he buggers off too.

Actually guys, here's a revelation, it's just a bleedin' number! Give it to the next player we buy or is promoted from the academy.

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