Who should get the number 10?

Who should be getting the 10?

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SA Gunner

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Leno 1
Tierney 3
Gabriel 4
Partey 5
Saka 7
Ødegaard/Auoar 8
Martinelli 9
Depay 10
ESR 11
Aubameyang 14
Buendia 17
Pepe 19
Balogun 23


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Imo Martinelli is destined for the no. 10 shirt when he finally moves to CF.
I always like my 10s to be creators. I don't care that much about most numbers but I'm quite fussy about #10, probably because Bergkamp is my all time favourite player. :lol:

I'd rather Martinelli got 9 or 14 eventually. Or even 11, it's Torreira's number atm and he's finished at this club anyway.

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