why man utd r better than arsnal aka arses

Discussion in 'Football Talk' started by MissyCRonaldo, Jun 2, 2004.

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  1. thegame24

    thegame24 New Member

    I disagree that you disagree with me

  2. RocktheCasbah

    RocktheCasbah New Member Elite

    Did you spot it? :lol:
  3. MissyCRonaldo

    MissyCRonaldo New Member

    LOL,,,,,,,,, u know that there was 50 reasons why they are better,,, can u please tell me 50 reason why arsenam are better than man utd please.

    Man Utd have history, uuuummm let me tink arsenal havent.

    Beleive it or not i dont spend much time on this forum, i like to come on here to see what u have to say thats all, if i want to post i will post but all the time you dont realise that us man utd fans are laughing at you all, u call us manc thick ha ha ha do not tell me what u dont know what us mancs say about u :angel :angel :angel :angel :angel :angel :angel :angel :angel :angel :angel :angel :angel :angel :angel :angel :angel :angel :angel :angel :angel :angel :angel :angel :angel :angel :angel :angel :angel

    Do u seriously think you are going to have another season like this again,,, just becoz u have had a season UNBEATEN do u seriously think you are the best team ever and that you arnt gonna get beaten again, but think of this u havent beaten man utd this season, man utd have beaten u, does this make u better than us????????? eeeeeerrrrrrrr----------------nah,,, dont think so, dont get me wrong but didnt u have a really bad season not so long ago REMEMBER THAT,,,, oooopppp i suppose not.
  4. Evil Dragon

    Evil Dragon New Member

    I had a bit of time on my hands and managed to get my hands on the **** rag that is Manure's magazine.


    WOW You are brave anyway here goes.


    - Arsenal deserve to be champions, but that's no reason to believe the biased hyperbole that suggests the Gunners are the greatest team ever. After all, if they were that good they would have won the european cup this yeah. Or any other year. To redress that balance and give you the opportunity to preserve your sanity this summer - especially if you are going on holiday to somewhere frequented by Arsenal fans like Clacton or Bognor Regis - content yourself with there 50 reasons why United are still better than the Gunners.

    1. United won the league, FA Cup and European Cup Treble. Arsenal fans talked about winning the treble this season. There is a difference...A big one.

    2. Sir Alex may not quite be up there with Juventus' Marcello Lippi in the sartorial department, but United's scrubs up well on occasion. Arsène Wenger, meanwhile, boasts a haircut which makes him look like David Jones from `The Monkees`

    [​IMG] = [​IMG]

    3. Singing `Champions` two months before the league was won, as Arsenal fans did at at Blackburn in March, smacks of arrogance. Even their fanzine `The Gooner` slated their fans for this.

    4. United have won 15 League titles, a record only bettered by Liverpool (A Team Who Used To Win The League In The Last Century). Arsenal have just won their 13th. Unlucky.

    5. Nick Hornby, of fever pitch fame, was such a big Arsenal fan that he supported Cambridge United while at University. And Hornby is such a passionate Arsenal fan that he didn't bother traveling to Anfield to witness Arsenal snatch the league from Liverpool in April 1989.

    6. No United manager has ever been dismissed after being found guilty of receiving transfer 'Bungs' from a disgraced Norwegian agent. George Graham was.

    7. United have won the European cup twice, Arsenal have never won it.

    8. The 1999 FA Cup Semi-Final games between United and Arsenal were modern day classics. And isn't it great that United not Arsenal fans remember them with a smile?

    9. Arsenal are offering the naming rights (and a chunk of their soul) for their new staduim to the highest bidding company. May we suggest 'Claims Direct' - because their myopic manager disputes everything.

    10. The last Community Shield Game between United and Arsenal would have been watched by a capacity crowd at Cardiff...if Arsenal hadn't failed to sell 15,000 of their allocation tickets.

    11. Arsenal may have an outstanding record in the FA Cup, but it isn't quite as good as United's. That's because United have the best Cup record in the country.

    12. William Prunier may have got a couple of games, but United have never let a French Cartoon Character perform on a regular basis. Unlike Arsenal who provided Tin Tin (known to some as Perry Groves) with numerous first team opportunities.

    [​IMG] = [​IMG]

    13. When Arsenal won the league at Sp**s, recently, the TV cameras showed the celebrating Gooners and a flag that mocked Sp**s (admittedly appalling) record of not winning the league. It said "43 Years and Your Still waiting" . That's right, they spelt 'You're' incorrectly, So thats why Tony Blair didn't want to send his kids to state schools in Islington.

    14. United fans boost a significant array of songs that reflect the club's rich and often tragic history. To be fair, so do fans of Liverpool, another team with a more impressive trophy cabinet that Arsenal. The best tune Arsenal Fans can conjure is "Ooh to be a Gooner", which is about as credible as wearing a jester's hat to a match.

    15. That two tone Orange goalkeeper's shirt worn by Arsenal's achilles heel, aka Jens Lehmann. And why does Lehmann sometimes allow a six-year-old with a pair of plastic sissors to cut the neck out of the afore mentioned fashion disaster.


    16. You would think that Arsenal fans would be embarressed to call themselves by such a daft sounding name, yet they see no shame in calling themselves `Gooners'. In Manchester , a goon is a gimp. And a gimp is like a nugget, a div, a plum or a bake. Just about right for them, then .....

    17. United have virtually rebuilt Old Trafford since 1992, largely with Club Funds. During Arsenal's last major building project, the North Bank in 1992, the club asked fans to sign up as bondholders to pay for the stand. There was no shortage of moneyed stripy Nigels willing to do this - meaning the traditionally working class North Bank faithful were priced out.

    18. When most teams win the league title they tend to celebrate with champagne. Despite their significant French Contigent, Arsenal's players squirted each other with Lucozade at each other at White Hart Lane recently. Squares. But then should we be so suprised when Arsenal's first name was `Dial Square` ?

    19. Arsenal Fans are such an interesting bunch that they pass a rumour about a Carthorse being buried underneath the Clock End Stand. Don't they realise that Martin Keown is still alive and well??

    20. Like for like, United trophy cabinet is significantly more impressive then Arsenals. United have won more league titles, more fa cups and more eurpean trophies. Arsenal won the Inter Cities Fairs Cup in 1970

    21. Old Trafford has acres if car parks. At Highbury if you dont nick the spot reserved for the manager or the chairman then you'd do well to park your car within six miles of the stadium. And should your wheels stray anywhere near a yellow line, you can be assured that a chirpy Cockney parking warden will issue you a ticket that demands you house in return as punishment.

    22. The away fans at Old Trafford are surrounded by the learned foes in K-Stand to the right and the main stand to the left. At Highbury away fans sit below the mobile phone salesmen in garish suits who occupy the Clock End executive boxes above.

    23. When Arsenal rebuilt the North Bank Stand, someone had the bright idea of erecting a giant mural of thousands of faces (all of whom were initially white and male) to mask the building work. Word is that the painted fans actually made more noise than the rest of the 'real' crowd. When united rebuilt the Stretford End at the same time, they did just that. Rebuild it.

    24. Old Trafford may have witnessed some dubious 'Celebrities' picking the winner in the half-time cash dash draw, but atleast we've never let DJ Judge Jules play a 'tribute' set on the pitch as Arsenal did recently. Ministry of Sound it wasn't.

    25. If throwing bicycles at yourself was an Olympic sport Arsenal would be taking three planeloads of competitors to Athens. When Arsenal played Galatasaray in the Cup Winners' Cup Final in Cpenhagen in 2000, TV Pictures showed footage purporting to be football hooliganism. Except the images show inebriated Arsenal fans picking up Danish bicycles and throwing them about a yard. Or even at their own feet.

    26. If North London does have a monopoly in football then it's worth its traffic congestion close to stadiums, as anyone who has visited Highbury or White Hart Lane will affirm. Old Trafford with no less than five dual carriageways leading away from the ground, is usually clear 40 minutes after the ganes, And thats with a crowd 30,000 bigger than Highbury.

    27. United's Megastore is bold, bright and the benchmark which other clubs aspire to replicate. Arsenal's is a cramped tacky looking shop located underneath a couple of Victorian railway arches half a mile from Highbury.

    28. Along with Tony Adams's ears, the queue outside that snakes away from the Arsenal tube station following a game is one of two identifiable objects in Britain that can be seen from space. At Old Trafford United, fans have a choice of boarding one of five Metrolink stations within one mile of the stadium.

    29. And while we're on ears..Great player that he is, is there any plausivle reason why Thierry Henry feels the need to rub his ears with his fingers during TV interviews?

    30. In season 2003/04, United boasted a far superior disciplinary record - the best in the Premiership in fact. Arsenal were the eighth cleanest team. If you'd watched Arsenal play at Old Trafford in October 1990 or September 2003 you would have seen two classic examples of Arsenal's Ill Discipline.

    31. United have a global mass appeal. Arsenal a regional club, with an intangible support outside southern england.

    32. United have a global outloook, and are continuously looking to expand their influence in places and distant as America and Asia, Arsenal have a regional outlook They refused the opportunity to play in America this summer, probably because they couldn't face playing somewhere that most people would associate their name with buttocks.

    33. Reds who suspect that, on occasion, the football authorities favour Arsenal are not being paranoid. A look back through their history shows that it wouldn't be the first time. In 1919 Arsenal's Chairman Henry Norris managed to Brazenly manipulate the league management committe by getting Arsenal promoted to the first division - despite only finishing fifth in the second divison.

    34. Old Trafford is the biggest club stadium in Britain. Quaint, leaky little Highbury, with Elgin's marble halls by the front doorm or whatever people in Inslington refer to them as when they're not talking about house prices, is the 13th biggest. Unlucky.

    35. Old Trafford's last two stadium expansions were completed ahead of scheduel. Ashburton Grove is delayed every time a builder nips off for some jellied oils and a quick good ol' Cockney knees up around the nearest pub piano.

    36. Sub - 20,000 crowds were not uncommon at Highbury in the 1980s and Arsenal recorded a 'crowd' of just 19,059 for a competitve game as recently as 2002, when Sunderland were the opposition in the League Cup. United attracted almost 50,000 for an equally unappealing tie the same night.

    37. Nigel Winterburn. Enough Said.

    38. If Arsenal's current pre-eminence is down to anything, then it's possibly because they have northern bloodlines. The founders of the club, were mostly northeners and Scots.

    39. United have never been in voluntary liquidation. Arsenal Have.

    40. Most United fans do not see Arsenal as their main rivals. Most Arsenal fans see United as their main rivals. It's because we matter.

    41. Losing to second divison Southampton in the 1976 FA Cup Final was embarrassing for United. But it wasn't as quite embarrasing as losing the 1969 League Cup Final to third Division Swindon as Arsenal did.

    42. Arsenal fans have plenty to shout about - so why are debates raging within their Fanzines about how quiet Highbury is during matches ?

    43. It's perhaps fitting that North London finest have the word 'Arse' in their name

    44. ... and that they have a manager whose name starts with the same word, It's juvenile, but we like it.

    45. Graham Rix's Haircut.

    46. With thier new stadium (If it is ever built), Arsenal will have a huge debt to service. United are entirely debt free.

    47. There was justifiable condemnation within football when Wimbledon moved to Milton Keynes, yet the Dons weren't the first team to desert their local community and shift north from their south London hoeme. No, Arsenal beat them to it. Previously Woolwich Arsenal, they moved ten miles across the capital in 1915 despite supporter protests. The move was seen as unsporting, unnatural and to be invading someone else's patch, in this case Tottenham Hotspur and Leyton Orient.

    48. United have had many monikers, but 'boring' has never been one of them. To generations of British people, the words 'Boring' and 'Arsenal' are inseparable.

    49. In 1886, Arsenal's first trial match took place on a pitch with an open sewer running across it, Soon after, they played games on a former pig farm, but this groud frequently flooded so they moved to another ground - which backed onto a outfall sewer pipe. So that's what they mean about the Gunners having class.

    50. Just Because
  5. Evil Dragon

    Evil Dragon New Member

    I think the words 'straws' and 'clutching' suit each other quite well

    *And yes my wrists ache :(
  6. Henry IV

    Henry IV New Member

    How does a "global power" like Man Utd explain finishing 15 points behind a "regional club" like Arsenal? It's actually refreshing and rewarding to see Man Utd spending time, money and column inches on slagging off Arsenal because it means that Arsenal are doing well. Thanks Man Utd! I look forward to your "50 reasons why Eric Djemba-Djemba and David Bellion are better than Patrick Vieira and Thierry Henry", with bated breath.
  7. brianfrance

    brianfrance New Member Elite

    LOL :lol:
  8. JazzG

    JazzG New Member Elite

    Your opinion don't mean **** unfortunately, as you either live in the Far East or you started supporting them in 1999. I would guess far east by your spelling.

    Oh and 1 reason why Arsenal are better than Man utd.

    Position	Team		Pld   Points
    1 		  Arsenal  	38  	90 
    2 		  Chelsea	  38 	 79 
    3 		  Man Utd	  38 	 75

    Man utd - 15 League titles, 11 FA cups, 2 European cups

    Arsenal - 13 League titles, 9 FA cups, 0 European cups

    Yeah we have no history.........................

    Time to close this thread, mancs are welcome on this board if they wanna participate in proper conversations.
  9. Gooner_Milton

    Gooner_Milton New Member

    wow coming to an arsenal board to talk shyte about us.

    how quaint.

    great to see mancs gloating about LAST seasons success.
  10. thegame24

    thegame24 New Member

    Not really, just thought it'd be funny to wind you up... Couldn't agree more

    yes i did :mrgreen:
  11. quattro

    quattro Active Member

  12. Gooner_Milton

    Gooner_Milton New Member


    'smacks lips' ;D

    my sentiment exactly.
  13. RocktheCasbah

    RocktheCasbah New Member Elite

    Good lad.

    Ah, the irony of a Man U fan who can't spell or punctuate her sentences lecturing us on our spelling...

    I don't know about you lot, but she's right we're ****. United are the best team in the country and we should forget about the unbeaten season and that we are the champions. Forget about the fact that when Roman wanted to blow £50m on a striker it was David Dein he approached, and not David Gill.
    Let us bow down to the might of Manchester United cos we have no history!
    I know all this cos MissyCRonaldo told me so.
  14. quattro

    quattro Active Member

    i found this one rather amusing. so we're offering a chunk of our soul by offering a share of the stadium while united's "soul" is full and intact by being a plc where one of the major shareholders is an arsenal fan?

  15. Gooner_Milton

    Gooner_Milton New Member


    Is that really you Ronaldo? I know you like to be known as Missy off the pitch but still......... :wink:
  16. RocktheCasbah

    RocktheCasbah New Member Elite

    Guess they haven't heard of public transport in Manchester...
  17. liam346

    liam346 New Member

    A curiuos Manc trait this.......................selective history.* 8 premiership titles, now i swear that and am sure the fact Missy mentioned 11 FA cups that football started before 1993............
  18. skart14

    skart14 New Member

    Firstly you can't spell, what is arsnal,prem leuge, etc..???????...secondly why do you keep dwelling on the past....it is so clear that you are afraid of the champions, of what we are going to achieve and that would take the gloss off your achievements...ALL THOSE YEARS PAST...i pity you ..really..
  19. liam346

    liam346 New Member

    bloody hell Missy.......it just dawned on me we have given you 14 years to catch us up, when we had 18 titles and 4 European cups you really had **** all didnt you, i mean imagine struggling along with Everton on 7 titles ,mind i guess you hadn't been long out of the 2nd division had you.....lol

    Missy its inappropriate to come along to the 3rd most succesful club in England and take the piss.......it shows a lack of respect, and that is a sad manc trait i have to say.At least the Gunners and Scousers can share that............................you sad bitter mongs seemingly can not...........

    Gunners i proffer my apologies about mentioning history, but she was disrespecful and deserved a put down
  20. Aussie

    Aussie New Member Elite

    An unbeaten season is something very special. So special in fact that we are the only team to have achived this amazing feat in a full 38 game season when we were not even expected to win the title let alone win it unbeaten. Arsenal achived perfection this year.

    That just confirmed you have the brain a size of a pea. The Community shield does not count it is a friendly.

    So Arsenal dont have a history heh. Just shows how much you know about the history of English football. Ohh thats right your a stupid manc who only thinks football has been around for the last ten years.

    We are better than you in fact a whole 15 points better than you.

    Also its ARSENAL not arsnal you dumb bastard. I bet you dont even come from Manchester.

    I suppose you had better go off to far of places like America and Asia as you wouldnt want all your bandwagon supporters to jump of and stop buying the 3000 kits you bring out each year.

    I dont know about united but i would rather be of preparing for the season ahead than trying to get a few more million supporters who can only name one player.

    Ohh have fun in Russia
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