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William Saliba: Billy Goat


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Formerly known as dka91
He might be our only defender who is very good in possession AND is defensively strong.

Hmm I'd say White is up there too, I mean he's not as physically dominant as Saliba but I still count him as defensively strong and smart with the way he operates.

Obviously Gabi falls short because of his comparative lack of ability on the ball, though you know what, I still think his ball playing ability is perfectly reasonable for a defender.

Saliba has that "special sauce" though and could develop into an absolute monster of a defender. He has it all; physicality, ball playing ability, calm headed.


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Too late, we all think he's van dijk. If you don't, you're just lying to yourself.
Not Van Dijk now, no, but definitely think he's a future Van Dijk when I watch him play. You can't not think of it, the guy's 6'4'', built, adept at headers and good with the ball at his feet.


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Fans applauding him after his own goal was a wonderful feeling, but I just hope they do that whenever any player makes a mistake not just their fan favourite.


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Unlucky with the own goal which if he hadn't intervened was almost certainly Vardy's customary goal vs us. He didn't bucket by all accounts and I just know that this will make him angry and spur him on to improve his game.


Formerly known as dka91
Arteta was never benching Saliba over one mistake, and he shouldn't. The crowds reaction was spot on as well, very classy to show support to him at a low point in the game.

For me personally it's the fans that worried me the most, but the reaction has been good.

Also I feel like it's been fairly reasonable wrt Ramsdale as well, considering that he's made a few mistakes (which are inevitable as he's young).

I think the young players will get some grace from the fans which is good and if we make CL with these guys then the hope is that we can challenge within a few years with them.

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