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William Saliba: Here to Stay ✍️


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He's going to take a while to get going but will eventually end the season as a fan favourite much like Tierney


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I'm surprised Arsenal and Tottenham were the only teams to go after him. He's consistently ranked has best CB teenager in Football. How bigger clubs didn't go after him is shocking tbh and Arsenal are quite lucky to secure his talent.

He's def going to take some time to settle in but the talent is REAL and he has already shown leadership traits at ASSE.

I see a prime Rio in him once he has few years under Arteta coaching.

He is such an exciting talent and can't wait to see him progress at Arsenal.

Young French groomed to be world class. Back to classic Arsenal, hopefully Arsenal can sign few more young talented French players!


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Oh dear, I hope the expectations are matched by the performances. I can already see a "Saliba out" within spitting distance of the first game he plays.


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I think Arteta should get him into the team slowly. The Klopp way seems to work pretty well. The boy is 19 years old. It's a different, more physical and quite a bit faster league, we should give him time. Having said that, a lot to like in this fella.. I hope he can nail down the CB position for the next decade and become a starter in a couple of seasons..


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He'll start the season with Luiz next to him. Or maybe Gabriel and Luiz next to him depending on incomings and what the fixture list says tomorrow.


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I wouldn't start the season with him. Needs to be eased in fire sure. More so than Gabriel


My brother posted it ⏩
I wouldn't start the season with him. Needs to be eased in fire sure. More so than Gabriel

Only reason why I say that is because he's been training for a while now. Mustafi and Chambers both injured, Holding not good enough and looking to be sold. Mari also injured. Sokratis set to be sold to Napoli...

So your only options for now are Saliba, Luiz maybe Gabriel and then Holding.

Idk about anyone else but i'd rather start Saliba than Holding. I suppose if Gabriel comes you could use a back 3 with Saliba, Luiz and Gabriel.

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I want him to be the second coming of Afams and Campbell combined. I'll settle for a steady non scary performance. Good luck lad.
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