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William Saliba: Here to Stay ✍️


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  • Saliba

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In The Winchester, Waiting For This To Blow Over

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2nd game in a row v Haaland he hasn't had a kick against Sir William, bullied that **** today.

Yousif Arsenal

On Vinai's payroll & misses 4th place trophy 🏆
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What a guy so lucky we have him made our lives seriously easier.

Player like him cost 100M Gvardiol cost 100M and G.Jesus gave him hard time.

Near impossible find pleyer who as good as at his age


Kai Havertz Offense League
I know Halaand wants to say a racial slur whenever he sees Saliba running at him. Saliba to Halaand is what Drogba was to us. It's inevitable and you know you're gonna be in for a bad day.


Head of the Wayne foundation for benching Nketiah

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Excellent from Saliba.

When Haaland is up against a really good defender that he can't physically bully, he disappears. Doesn't have a plan B.

Full credit to William. He and Gabriel are the best CB partnership in the PL, in my opinion.
In the world. There's not another team that has 2 that good.


Get me Jesus on the phone 📲
We cry about not having generational talents like Mbappe and Bellingham etc but we actually have one in Saliba.

He's a CB that's why there is less attention to it but he's this generation's Maldini "If I have to make a tackle it means I lost".

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