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William Saliba: Here to Stay ✍️


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No one can say we’re not champions if this man didn’t get injured last season.

We cry about not having generational talents like Mbappe and Bellingham etc but we actually have one in Saliba.

He's a CB that's why there is less attention to it but he's this generation's Maldini "If I have to make a tackle it means I lost".

If there’s a better CB in the world right now, I don’t know who it is.

Absolute Rolls-Royce of a player with zero weaknesses.


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That shoulder to shoulder on Haaland when he put him on the ground, was stunning from him.

When I think of the best CB displays I have seen at Arsenal...Per v Costa in the cup final, Toure during our Champions League run...but I love how motivated Saliba is to play against Haaland, he knows everyone is watching those games to see how they do against eachother and he relishes it!

I also love how much he and Gabriel trust and support eachother, can tell they love playing together.

There was a moment when Big Gabby tackled Haaland and then immediately won a foul from the forward, after the ref blew for the free kick William started clapping like Gabriel had just scored a goal.

Best partnership in the league right now, imo.


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It’s not a real injury lol. Guy stubbed his toe going in the shower or sth, this was one of them “get me out of international duty” tings.

Saliba occured a bruise toe after the match when Saliba finally let Halaand out of his pocket and Halaand landed on his toe.


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As close as there is to a Van Dijk regen. Not quite as fast but just as elegant and classy a player


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The thing about him is he's physically imposing but there's such an elegance and timing to his tackles that he basically never fouls you. When Rudiger manhandled Haaland in the CL last season, it was fun to watch but there was a sense of him getting away with some things that no Arsenal player would ever be allowed to do. Saliba has nullified Haaland twice in 2 months with strength, pace, flawless positioning and just kind of demoralizing him. He won the physical duels but it wasn't with nastiness, it was with a kind of calm nonchalance that I think just beat Haaland mentally as well.


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?? Sals is extremely fast what are you eating in the morning
'Tis true, his effortless timing and anticipation means that he very rarely needs to break into a full-on sprint when defending. But there are few, if any, in world football who can keep up with and take the ball off Mbappe's toe in the manner in which he has done previously.

Supreme talent.
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