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William Saliba: Here to Stay ✍️


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DJ Machodemiks
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New Year, Same Hate For Reed
Good for Saliba, he can take rest..if Konate and Upa play ahead of him. Deschamps is an idiot anyways.

Willy G still trying so hard to be relevant.


You're wrong, no?
Does Deschamps and Gallas just watch highlight reels of Saliba bloopers? I'm really struggling to understand what they're seeing?
He is probably watching highlights of his own Arsenal career getting destroyed on every cross and set piece but looks like he is happy to discuss Saliba anyway even though Saliba is a 3x player.

Shame for Saliba and the entire defense that we didn't win anything as they fully deserved a trophy.

Mrs Bergkamp

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The corners of the Internet were spouting that Madrid were looking to sign Saliba after Mbappe. I hope a lack of silverware here and panic over his France future doesn't make him restless.


Loves Overhyping Our Rivals
Pretty sure many ex-players just want to say something controverse, just to be a topic again on social media. So many of them are just attention whores, they don't even care if they believe it.

Especially talking about consitency and naming Upamecano and Kounde one sentence later.


Emoji Merchant and Believer-In-Chief
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I hope he isn't carrying something or has the same issue he had at the end of last season

Last few games he's done a few less assured/dodgy things. Some high pressure (CL Knockout) games so could be that. Easy to forget his age

Mrs Bergkamp

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He was barely ruffled yesterday and looked like he'd been invited out for a kick about with his mates. His was a calm and measured performance after his CL jitters

Yousif Arsenal

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this guy not getting much credit he deserves we in this position because of him he need tow full 90 minutes to be first even arsenal player i think to complete all PL season without missing a minute of it.

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