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William Saliba: Here to Stay ✍️


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Tomb Bombadil

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Similar performances are the order of the day. When I said outdo, I had Fulham at home in mind & I just remembered Magalhaes never played that match for reasons that still elude us!!

Just those 2 points & we'd be champions going into this season 😭
Yes thats true. But you cannot play a season without a fault. Some mistakes you will always make. But I don't think you can make less mistakes than them last season.


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It is a big accomplishment at his age to start for France at one of their deepest positions in tge Euro. Upamacano was shambolic for Bayern this season. He is much more limited technically as well; it isn’t even an easy call


In The Winchester, Waiting For This To Blow Over

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An average game by his standards, can tell he doesn't feel super trusted yet...some good things and some bad things, 5 or 6 out of 10 kinda game...good chance to see if Deschamps actually wants him to do well though now.

At the end of the day, they won a tight game and kept a clean sheet...a manager wanting a player to improve will look to build on that, looking at the positives and give William a chance to get better by starting him next game.

In turn William will feel that trust and almost certainly play better now, knowing he has won some faith in his gaffer.

Big moment for him v Holland now, hope he plays.


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I’ve not really ever understood the difference between the two roles, so one and you can surely do the other. Saliba started out as a striker so moving around the pitch shouldn’t be a big issue for him
Playing on the left side of the defence as a right footed defender is a bit different to playing on the right side as you shape up different if you tend to tackle-/intercept with your right foot rather than your left. If you watched Saliba against Austria there were times when he was struggling a bit with adjusting his body when he was getting challenged on his left side. He was superb anyway, but not all defenders can adjust well to those kind of situations..


In The Winchester, Waiting For This To Blow Over

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Him and Rudiger have got those 2 team of the tournament CBs spots on lock so far, superb player.


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Saliba’s tackling is usually last resort and inch perfect.

Whoscored had Lazazette with “no weaknesses” for years which was probably the case in his younger days as he was always well rounded, but certainly not during his Arsenal career.

Basically, it’s irrelevant and inaccurate.

Blood on the Tracks

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I wouldn't say Saliba is weak at tackling, he's got a very clean technique at it.

What is apparent is how rarely Saliba tends to need to go in for a proper challenge, you don't need to tackle too much even as a CB if you read the game well.

I remember Maldini back in the day saying that if he had to make a challenge it was because he made a mistake / misread the game.

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