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William Saliba: #Saliback


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Everyone needs to calm down and let him get on with it. He’s looking class but the same fans will start crucifying him should he make a mistake.

He’s a young player who will inevitably throw a clanger in here and there. The club need to keep playing him regardless of these, his potential is in a different stratosphere compared to Ben White and Gabriel M


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It's certainly Saliba and one other, absolutely no doubt about that for me. I think White is better than Gabriel, but appreciate Arteta likes a left footer at LCB.

I think Saliba would be fine as a LCB though, he's got amazing agility and close ball control for someone so big.

Either way, it's a really nice headache to have. We have 3 very good CBs and all should get plenty of minutes.


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He signed his deal in 2019, i can’t imagine he’s on more than £30-40k a week.

Can’t see him and his team refusing £100k a week unless he gets his head turned, which is why it needs to be done soon.


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One thing that might work in our favour with any contract situation is that the fans have been behind him 100% since joining. I know this sounds naive but he's received a whole lot of love that fringe players don't usually get. It might count for something if he also now feels trusted.

Kind of think it comes down to our season as well. Make Champions League and I'll be much more confident.
He already has a chant right? Pretty sure the Arsenal fans were singing his name in the stands early on.


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Always been a strange one with Saliba. You’ve been crying out for a decent CB and everybody seemed to know how talented he was yet Arsenal kept loaning him out.

Looks to be a good player though I agree.
Looks good. Crazy Arsenal were even close to basically letting him go without actually getting a proper chance in the team
So Arsenal spent so much money on Ben White last season only to realise a guy they loaned out is better? :lol:
He looks a player. Will be highly sought after by the big boys in the coming years. Can't see him sticking around at Arsenal if he continues to put in performances like that.
He's already 3 years into a 5 year deal. You can imagine clubs will be in his agents ear, making sure he doesn't renew until at least next summer
Is he very fast? Easily bested Schlupp early on in a foot race. Impressive display. Elegant on the ball.
Wasn't he in some weird video where players were masturbating in the changing room?
There was this exact discussion last season too. Bizarre how he was loaned out without given a chance as he came in highly rated. Seems to have improved too and looks like he’d cement his place now but the PL can be a difficult place for a young CB. Let’s see how he’s progressed in December.
Looks to have great potential. He was just thrown to the side by Arse and it seems like they’ve just stumbled upon him and hit the jackpot after failing with their CB targets. Otherwise they wouldn’t have been interested in Martinez, and would’ve sent him back on loan/ sold him to Marseille if they had succeeded.
I don't think he is staying at Arsenal. He started couple of nations league matches and would be one of starting options at WC too. If that's the case, he will have plenty of options next summer.
I’ve a Arsenal mate who was more excited about this guy than any of the signings you have made
Kept Messi, Neymar and Co to one non-penalty goal last season so he can handle himself agains top players. He's definitely the real deal. He's been playing first team football in a tough league since he was 17 and has been picking up plaudits since then. Suspect personal issues with Arteta is the only reason he's not a big name in the Premiership already.
I remember arguing with an arsenal fan who insisted White was better
He will be gone next season, he is probably in line for a good season and I can see a situation where PSG chase him next summer as he comes into the last year of his deal.
Think he’s a massive talent, should run down his contract and join the other French talents at RM
Kimpembe and Ramos might leave, so perfect for him to go there and pair up with Marquinhos
Some of them are hoping he leaves :lol:

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