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William Saliba: When Willy Return?


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Wheatley ( so take it for what it's worth) was banging on yesterday about there being an 'Expectancy' that Saliba would be back for the Man City match.

If Wheatley does actually know anything, which is a big if. it must be a bit more serious than a knock. Really we need him back for the Liverpool match at latest.

Bit concerning tbh.

Wheatley usually jumps the gun like he did in the summer on Partey and got the sack.


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Still the same piece of news. Hope its untrue and we're just being cautious but no news is a bit concerning.
As long as he plays, I'm ok, and it should be no problem with pain killers. But I'm doubting this about a surgery tbh. It requires a lot of to go ahead with a surgery on your back. I know because I've had back problems for several years.


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Reminds me of Rio Ferdinand the way he plays and with that physical presence. Awesome young player what a signing he’s turned out to be.


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Roberto Holdinie (with the alleged gargantuan weenie) it is time to cement your status as an Arsenal cult hero and guide us through the final phase of this title winning season

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