Willian: More Like Wontian


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“He is a player who we all like,” Arteta said of Willian.


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Good stuff today, won't even post the "days until his contract ends" account.

Hopefully it's a preview and not one of those fable 1 in 5 Willian games he was known for.

Those two assists - one from midweek and the other for Luiz' goal - might have just given him that confidence he's been sorely lacking.


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Glad his playing well again but hope he continues to play well. Less pressure on the youngsters is a good thing.
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MOTM.....worked his socks off & seemed like he has a lot of zip in his boots. Pleasantly surprised with this all action performance. Perhaps Arteta was seeing this Willian in the training all the time


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This is the Willian I thought we'd get at least a year out of when we signed him. Given the contract he has there is still time for him, hopefully today will lift his confidence.


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This kind of performance is what we all want to see from him. Hopefully he continues in this vain and gets even better. An in from Willian is certainly an Asset to any team.


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His best game since Fulham weirdly came against Leicester against very good fullback but that promising he look the player that was at Chelsea still he need to keep up keep it up Willian.


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It would be massive for us if Willian keeps improving and can recover the level he was at at Chelsea. He's the player that suits the role ESR has been recently, a "wide playmaker" coming off the left, the best in the squad. I think we look the best when we have a player like that on the left.
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One thing I noticed about Willian, even when he was playing poorly is that his physical level hasn't dropped off. He was hustling around like a much younger player, but nothing was coming off for him. Hopefully he can maintain this level for the next couple of years. He's got that rangy toughness of a vardy/ibrahamovic which should see him be active till quite late in his career.

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