Willian: More Like Wontian


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He's annoyed me lately but produced against Benfica and he done well today showing a blend of energy and class. Hopefully he can continue this positive influence on the squad.


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Credit where it's due. This is the player Arteta signed. He finally sent his brother back to Brazil. Good game.


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Well played. This is the kind of performance to build on. People got too excited over the assist from last week but he wasn't on his game that day, tbh. Today the Willian from Chelsea came on the field.

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Our joint top assist maker in the PL this season :lol:

In an ideal world he wouldn't have been signed in hindsight.

Still, he's produced the goods on his last 2 appearances, hopefully he's going to maintain this standard going forward. That would make him an asset rather than the liability he's been most of the season.


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Willian having one of his normal two good performances of the season

Arsenal fans going overboard because this is the mediocrity our fans love so they can say they were right and Willian is better than Ziyech.

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