With £30mil in the bank, who could replace Vieira?

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Alexone234, Jul 16, 2004.

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  1. KingReyes

    KingReyes New Member Trusted

    Well then Lee mate, let me start it off again! :D Steven Gerrard is the only one that can fit into Vieira's role!
  2. GoonerGurjit

    GoonerGurjit New Member Elite

    I agree KR but I think Maniche is the most likely option.
  3. lee1001

    lee1001 New Member Trusted

    Gerrard will not leave. So no point in duscussing that. But i agree, if we could pick any player he would be the one.

    IMO Ballack is the man we should get and i think we can get him.

    Not sure about Maniche.

    Could Toure replace Vieira in midfield?
  4. KingReyes

    KingReyes New Member Trusted

    Play Toure where he likes to play at CB. I didn't mention Ballack because he isn't the same type of player, however I wouldn't say no to him to replace Paddy even he isn't a direct replacement.
  5. GoonerGurjit

    GoonerGurjit New Member Elite

    Toure should stay where he is. Get Maniche and Wenger will spend the rest in January or next summer.
  6. chris66

    chris66 New Member

    Does anyone know what is the latest upon Ballack? Is it that nobody is prepared to pay Bayern's asking price or does he really not want to leave.

    He is certainly one of the best attacking midfielders in the world and by some distence the best German playing football right now. I find it hard to believe that Barca, Chelsea, ManU or even REal wouldn't step up if he was really available. All of them could afford him and he would improve each of their teams a lot.

    I'd love to see him at Arsenal - playing alongside Vieira of course!
  7. Sammer

    Sammer New Member Elite

    Ballack was available for Barca, if Deco had been bought by Bayern. That was before the Euro 2004.

    Now, it is obvious that Bayern will not sell Ballack. He just played against Bayern Leverkuse tonight (and played bloody awesome).

    Bayern has no need to sell him now. They got Lucio to strengthen the defense, a pocket full of cash and a very determined coach.

    Ballack is history now for us. If Viera really leaves that "late", there will be NO adequate replacement as none of the players we are talking about - may it be Ballack, Gerrard or Maniche, will be sold at this point.

    Viera will stay though :D
  8. CMS

    CMS New Member

    ballack didn't play bloddy awesome tonight, but he scored an bloody awesome goal....
  9. patrick42uk

    patrick42uk New Member Elite

    dont understand the obsession with ballack really. he produces good moments, but i'd prefer a far more consistent player in center mid. he wouldnt be in my top five potential replacements for vieira.
  10. Mark

    Mark New Member Elite

    Agreed. Ballack does not have the same defensive qualities as Vieira. He'd be great with Paddy, but I don't think he could do all the work Paddy does in midfield. He is more of an attacking option.

    With Parlour also gone, we will need someone who puts in that level of work rate and the only person I can really think of with that energy is Gerrard, or Toure if we were to move him into midfield.
  11. lewdikris

    lewdikris New Member Elite

    I think Ballack's a better player overall than Paddy - what he lacks in the tackle, he would add in controlling possession in the midfield. Defensive midfielders may be all the rage these days - thanks largely to Brazil and France's success, but the game hasn't changed that much since the days when the key man in midfield wasn't a tackler, but a guy to put his foot on the ball and play a constructive pass, not give the ball away.

    Ballack does that better than anyone else in the game at the minute. He's brilliant.
  12. Mark

    Mark New Member Elite

    Well I guess we still have Gilberto to play the defensive midfield role. A combination of those two might work well but I'd really prefer Vieira to stay. He's perfect for our side and for the football we play.
  13. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite

    You say constructive - true, a constructive and progressive forward of sideways pass, but his final ball is not what we expect from an ACM of his standard.

    I don't believe he controls the flow of possesion as well as Patrick. I believe Vieira does this better than anyone else - why? Because he has learnt to do it in Arsenals mercurial style of play, which is more testing than the discipline of German football. Vieira captures the imagination with his athleticism and instant final balls, and ball winning - at pace.
  14. hesham

    hesham New Member

    One man - Ronaldinio not exactly the Viera type player but we can change it to a dimond like formation :shock:
  15. calvinngai88

    calvinngai88 New Member

    Arsenal isn't suited for diamond formation, just like England.
  16. voomboom

    voomboom New Member

    I say........

    Convert Jeffers into a defensive midfielder!!!!!

    The fox in the center circle.......

    yap, yap, yap!
  17. calvinngai88

    calvinngai88 New Member

    maybe as a secretive scout, since he has big ears! (can eavesdrop what agents discuss among themselves) just joking. :lol:
  18. lewdikris

    lewdikris New Member Elite

    Ad, Vieira really doesn't play that many final balls. I can't think of more than the one for Reyes against Chelsea this season.

    Ballack's controlling of possession of got Leverkusen into the CL final, and almost singlehandedly got Germany into the World Cup final. Which is more than Paddy's ever done with his own play.

    The difference is that Paddy saves games, but he never wins them - it's a definite fact than when we've needed a driving central midfielder to step up in the way, say, Keane did for Man U at his best, and win a tough game .... Paddy has failed.

    Ballack hasn't. He wins games rather than saves them.

    To me that makes him the best.
  19. Sammer

    Sammer New Member Elite

    I agree lewdikris. Ballack´s ability to win games is amazing. Forget about his form at Bayern last season. He has everything to one of the top3 midfielders in the world.
    But then again, Paddy´s ability to dominate midfield (defensively) is just as amazing - really a question of what you rater higher.

    Still, Ballack should join a EPL or Spanish League club, his talent is being wasted at Bayern.
  20. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite

    I think that is more of a hollywood saying than actuality. We don't need Vieira to win games - do we? We have match winners all around the park - which is testament to our quality that not only Vieira has to stick out. In 00/01 - however, he was our true match winner. Remember Sp**s Fa Cup semi final? And countless other games...

    Now we rely on every single player in the system, and it is more healthy as it makes everyone more replaceable.

    Leverkusen didn't have the side that we have, and yes, Keane won a few games for United (notable Juventus away) but you have to look at Yorke and Cole more than anyone that season. (50 goals plus between them that season)

    We expect too much of a player genuinely playing in a great side. And the stats still show he is the best around, and of course - the stuff the stats don't show - the turns, and the first touches, and the skill - totally dominates the likes of Keane, Gerrard, and Ballack.

    He'd flick it over their heads all day long. ;D
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