'World class'?

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by themyth, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. Canuck

    Canuck New Member Elite

    As mentioned, it's far too subjective to narrow down a definitive answer.

    In the loosest sense of the term, any international player could be labelled world class. If you are one of the best 20 footballers in a nation of millions then you are world class. Obviously some nations have a larger pool of talent to draw from. Still if you are a player who's appeared in a WC then you could rightly consider yourself World Class in a sense.
    Seperating the Class from the World Class is where it gets difficult. One could argue that results should be the official measure, though that shouldn't necessarily be the only consideration.
  2. go49oner

    go49oner New Member

    my defination of World class player is a player who can walk in to any team in world.
  3. lagos

    lagos New Member Elite

    yeah but how do you define "walking into any team in the world"? is that a player who will automatically walk into the first choice 11 in any team in the world? or a player who can play for any team in the world but not neccesarily make 1st eleven.

    'cos if it's the former, you are saying beckham (probably the most recognised footballer in the world besides Pele) is not world class 'cos he's not making 1st 11 at madrid and currently not even included in the england squad and if beckham is not world class then i don't know who is! And if your definition is the latter, then there are at least 10 world class players at Arsenal
  4. nORg@

    nORg@ New Member

    fOr me, a worldclass player is a player with fantastic capability's, and you can perceive them very easy in the game because of their skills for example if you look Arsenal playing you'll immediately descry Henry what a special player he is...The World knows only the BEST
  5. Da New Kid

    Da New Kid New Member

    I think the only two world class players we have at the moment are Henry and Gallas.

    Fab is way too young to be world class, and so is Eboue. Kolo Toure is one of the greatest central defenders in the world but there are a lot of other central defenders who are more recognized such as Puyol, Cannavaro, Thuram or Gallas.

    Rosicky is not considered world class since he hasn't won any important title yet.

    Ven Persie is young, and Gilberto is starting to get some shine recently. Lehman might be world class but again he didn't become Germany nimber one keeper until this year and now he's talking about retirement. And our other players are very much unknown.
  6. Jermaine

    Jermaine New Member

    i define world class as being one of the best players in your position so you are in the top CLASS in the WORLD in your position. if you are one of the top say 5 or so players in your position then you are in the top tier for your position, does that not make you world class as you are one of the best in your position in the WORLD.

    also i do not think it should be about achievement and world cups and so on, because there could be many reasons why you have not won something it should be based entirely on that players ability and not their age. If they are 18 and given enough games and they are constantly performing at a level with the best in the world how can they not be world class? if they get enough games and show such a high level of consistency then they are world class no matter what age.

    someone said lehmann is not world class has he has been consistent through his career so what right now he is consistent players improve so with his CURRENT ABILITY he is world class you speak as if players are not allowed to improve
  7. Goalkeeper

    Goalkeeper New Member

    My definition of a world class player is a rare someone who consistently performs in top competitions such as World Cup, or Champions League by making a significant
    contribution that make him stand out among other players.

    With that definition in mind, I can only say that Henry and Gallas are world class.

    Henry is invaluable part of Arsenal and for France. He is close to breaking the scoring record for France, and the scoring record in club european championships, so for obvious reasons, Henry is definetly world class.

    Gallas is a player that is incredible versatile in Defence which by itself seperates himself from everybody else. His contributions for France are undeniable.

    Many will say Lehmann, but he is not consistent throughout his career. As well, he still has his "off" days when he lets in some sleepy goals.

    I agree that Fab is much too young to be considered world class. He is not even a regular starter in Spain, so it is very hard to label him world class.

    Toure is a very good defender, but is not world class yet. His heading ability is poor compared to the top centrebacks.

    I think world class should be a term that is given to the very top players and shouldn't be used so often.
  8. gangess1

    gangess1 New Member

    Puyol better thatn Toure?? No way!!!! Puyol is way too overrated!!!!
  9. Alfonso

    Alfonso New Member Elite

    The question is was Pires, Ljunberg and Tony Adams ever World Class?
  10. Jkreffer

    Jkreffer New Member Trusted

    Pires was in the double and invincible years. Adams has been in
    terms of leadership and consistancy. I do not think Ljungbarg has ever been one of the best. He has been an extremely useful player over the years, but there are obviously players better than him in his position(s).
  11. Rodelero

    Rodelero New Member

    If i had to define a world class player? A player who can change the game against the top four or five teams in the World of either Club/International Football

    I'm talking Henry, and Lehmann, soon to be cesc.

    Then again, Henry is possibly the best striker ever to walk this earth.
  12. Jermaine

    Jermaine New Member

    for sure pires was world class could you think of someone that could of done a better job for us at the time?
  13. dos1986

    dos1986 New Member

    My definition of world class is the best or at max the second best player in the world in his position so only thierry and gallas are world class for me using my idea of world class the only ones in the premiership are gerrard,cole and makekele
  14. phil15

    phil15 New Member

    IMO Pires was a truly world class player in his pomp and was probably the best in his position at one point, Ljungberg in his prime was a very, very good player but not quite world class and Adams, well he was a tremendous defender but had certain flaws in his games which in IMO stopped him from reaching to top of his profession.
  15. Mirinho

    Mirinho New Member

    Rosa is world class player!!!

    :shock: Are you crazy? Do you know some facts about him?

    He has 2 titles with Sparta and 1 title with Borussia.

    He has bronze medal from EURO 2004.

    How many 25 years old players are so important for their teams and for their repre-team? - I can't imagine Czech tea withou him :(

    How many midfielders are as fast with ball as he is? :wink:

    I think he is world class !!!
  16. paultjow

    paultjow New Member

    Re: Rosa is world class player!!!

    what about Seedorf? 27 years old and 3 champions league titles with 3 different teams! (i define him as a world class player even today)! still you can't define world class that easy!

    and for the one who said henry is the best striker of all time:
    i think he's awsome and the best striker this decade, but.... i think v. basten is prolly the best striker of all time (allround)! even though his career was cut short. this is just my opinion, many of you will prolly say ronaldo! (for those who haven't seen that much footage of him go to youtube)
  17. morpho

    morpho #ArtetaOut = Permanent Ban

    Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. My answer would be a player that can walk into any given team and make an huge impact. That said, a world class player would still be a world class player after some lousy games.
  18. passenger a

    passenger a New Member

    Just want to add that one of the more distinctive characteristics of a world class player is that he can make his surrounding players play better. One of the posters said that Makelele is a world class player and he makes JT and Lampard look good. In Arse, Bergkamp used to have such influence. So was Keane, when he was in his prime days.
  19. LeRon

    LeRon New Member

    For me, the closest I can get to trying to explain 'world class' is this.........For me it's doing all the things in training, like the extragavent skills etc on the pitch, under the pressure, (especially in cup finals etc), at a pretty consistant rate and actually pulling them off. Obviously for defenders and 'keepers it's slightly different in that they have to concentrate on playing a simple but effecctive type of football.

    World class keepers (current) would include: Buffon, Van der Sar, (sorry Jens, too many costly errors in the past!)

    Defenders: Thuram, Gallas, Toure, Nesta, Cannavaro (except when against Titi)

    Midfielders: Gerrard, Cesc, Xavi, Gattuso, Ribery (getting there), Schweinsteiger, Nedved

    Attackers: Titi, Ronaldinho, Torres (getting there), Rooney (needs to find form again).

    I know there's some I've missed but I gotta go out now, sorry!
  20. Fallen_Angel

    Fallen_Angel New Member

    Henry and Lehmann for definite in my opinion.

    RVP has the potential. ;)

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