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Worst individual performance by an Arsenal player


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Who was the CB pairing that let an 17 or 18 year old Trashford rip them to shreds and score two goals? Koscielny?

Add him to the list.

A lot of candidates during that 8-2 performance too.


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Gabriel Paulista was the main culprit

I just remember someone had a Bambi on ice performance in that one. I guess that was Gabriel.

Kosicelny cost us that Atletico tie as well.


That was the game him and Mustafi let Griezmann do a Fortnite celebration 🤦🏽‍♂️

I’m sure there’s a woeful Cech performance too as it seemed like he was still on Chelsea’s payroll.


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Kos gets a lot of stick, he’s better than White and Gabriel. Reads the game much better than them anyway, doesn’t have the physicality of Gabriel.


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Drogba was ending careers too. Our fans were celebrating when Djourou kept a clean sheet against him ffs.


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Andre Santos

Can't remember which game specifically as there are barely any YouTube videos of him :lol:

But this guy was a weirdo. Swapped shirts with Van Persie at Half Time :lol::lol: Had a poor performance on top of that.

Oh and he was caught in a police chase doing 145mph on the M25 because he was late for training. When police caught him, he said he didn't hear the sirens because his music was loud.

He was an absolute abomination of a player.



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Can't believe nobody has mentioned the Arteta performance. Can't remember it exactly but he came on, conceded a penalty/own goal then got sent off/injured or something?
Some people will describe his managerial career like that when he sneaks out the backdoor in a couple years to manage Barca/City after taking us back to back 12th spending close to a billion.


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Can't believe nobody mention Clichy at Birmingham 2008 yet. Never felt more depressed than on that day.

Then there were two games that Ignasi Miquel was absolutely appalling. He started as LB away at Swansea in 2011/12 and Henry was also in that lineup. This poor lad was terro-rised all game and we ended up losing 3-2
Then on another away match at City, we were holding our own and on comes Miquel as an extra defensive body in final 10 minutes. His first touch is miscontrol on the box and David Silva or Aguero score one of the easiest of 1-0 winners.

Jenkinson would of done himself, and us, a favour if he got sent off earlier.
That said, Djourou and Coq wasn't much better than the disasterclass by Jenks and Traore.
That was actually Ox. While Coq was on play we were 3-1 down and then Coq was taken out for a disastrous debut by Ox.

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