Would you like some Butt?

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Anonymous, Jan 13, 2004.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Nicky Butt... up for grabs.. should we put in a bid.. would be interesting to see how he would operate at Highbury....
  2. Archie The Leper

    Archie The Leper New Member

    No f**kin way
  3. jc8gooner

    jc8gooner New Member Elite

  4. lewdikris

    lewdikris New Member Elite

    I'd rather kiss butt than buy Butt.
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Is it cos he is a manc or cos you think hes not a good player?
  6. jc8gooner

    jc8gooner New Member Elite

    Both. Plus we don't need another CM. Plus he will drain much needed funds. Plus he is no better than Gilberto, Parlour or Edu. Plus .....
  7. Archie The Leper

    Archie The Leper New Member

    that's being too complimentary
  8. Webdesignlab

    Webdesignlab New Member

    Butt, Neville, Pugh ... urghh. Do man U do this on purpose? Only buy players with the worse sounding surnames?

    Sounds like a Trumpton Fire dept roll call.
  9. Andrew

    Andrew New Member

    I reckon he's off to Tottenham. He's exactly what they need. We don't need him because he's no better than Gilberto, Parlour and Edu.
  10. jc8gooner

    jc8gooner New Member Elite

    Butt can score? We need a manure fan to give us a stat on that cos he certainly doesn't do it much.
  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    no.He's not such a prolific goal scorer but more of a holding player.The only goals he scored this season was against Panathinaikos was a header from a O'shea cross and against Everton a volley from outside the box.He didn't get a single goal last season and his last goal before this season was in the 2001/2002 season against West Ham when he scored of an over-head kick.But that doesn't really mean he's a bad player.He's been a fantastic player for us all along.Just been over-shadowed by the likes of Keane and Scholes.He's more of a defencive midfielder with Great technique and his passing is superb.Great tackler and is always determined.No complacency what so ever.Will always give 100% wether it's England or United.I honestly think he is extremely under-rated.
  12. jc8gooner

    jc8gooner New Member Elite

    He is a good player, but is just not what we need. At all.
  13. Natnat

    Natnat Active Member Elite

    The only Butt I want to hear or see is Butt Arsenal did it again another fantastic win.
    Im in a silly mood :D
  14. PolishGooner

    PolishGooner New Member Elite

    silly mood is great :p too much tea? :wink:

    anyway, we dont need butt. why we should buy butt? firstly, he is manure player and it`s not good for our reputation to buy some trash from old trafford. if then dont need him we dont need him too.
    Secondly, his name... butt no no no
    Thirdly, we have our own poor players
  15. zerofeel

    zerofeel New Member

    i rather KICK his BUTT than see him wear the Arsenal colors n would rather buy HANS JORG BUTT the goalie than NICKY THE DEVIl....theres goes his future down memory lane.... ;D
  16. patrick42uk

    patrick42uk New Member Elite

    couldnt have put it better
  17. flotz

    flotz New Member

    if hes not good enough for manu he's deffenitly not good enough for us
  18. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite

    Ferguson prefers Djemba Djemba and Phil Neville to Butt. Hmmmm.

    As Wenger said - is this the break up of that little Man Utd group? Beckham and Butt have gone, and only the Neville brothers and Scholes remain.
  19. siddharth

    siddharth New Member

    How could you forget Ryan Giggs.......
    I personally feel Manu r a totally different team w/o him.It was clearly evident against newcastle when he had to be substituted at the start of 2nd half. I don't want to take anything away from Newcastle for their superb effort but Manu were very ordinary w/o him and couldn't create any chances.
  20. jc8gooner

    jc8gooner New Member Elite

    Giggs came through well before those 5.

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