Would you mind if Beckham come to Arsenal?

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by kluivert, Mar 13, 2004.


Becks to Arsenal?

  1. Yes, we'll have the best mdfl in the world

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  2. Hell no, he's a former scum!

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  1. tox

    tox New Member

    Its funny how people stereotype beckham as simple a winger who crosses the ball well. As goonergujit said he has great vision, passing and stamina, and would be a good player for arsenal to have in my opinion. Also his long balls , altho against arsenals style cud really work with henry and reyes pace.
  2. Leewat3

    Leewat3 New Member

    they wont accept less than £17m and i dont think Wenger will spend that on a player like Beckham. Hes not exactly young, hes not fast and we already have players who can play in his position.
  3. GoonerGurjit

    GoonerGurjit New Member Elite

    The only thing I don't like about Becks is the media circus that follows him everywhere he goes! Other then that he would be a great addition to any side imo. He's not looked out of his depth at Real and has proved that he is a world-class player.
  4. jeremiesgirl

    jeremiesgirl New Member

    No way in the world would I want Beckham at Arsenal. All the hype would be about his latest hairstyle of fashion accessory and overshadow the actual football. He would not fit in well with the Gunners and I think it would cause nothing but trouble. I dont think Wenger would want to be responsible for a player who causes so much commotion, he needs disciplined players and we all know who disciplines Beckham -his wife!! I wouldn't be impressed to see them at Highbury.

    And most importantly, we have the best midfielders anyway, who can complain when we have Viera, Pires, Freddie and Edu!!!!!
  5. GoonerGurjit

    GoonerGurjit New Member Elite

    Gilberto's said he wouldn't mind playing for Real....wonder if Real would swap Becks for Gilberto?
  6. Sammer

    Sammer New Member Elite

    No he is not.

    His shot-technique is amazing, but thats not enough. Becks needs players that work for him, so he can shiny.
    Not somebody we need at Arsenal.
  7. arsenal4life

    arsenal4life New Member

    one only word

    this is NOT Wenger type of players
  8. Alexone234

    Alexone234 New Member

    It would be OK but its down to the money and who else we could buy. I would rather see Gerrard and Vierra play in our MF.
  9. Aussie

    Aussie New Member Elite

    Well it aint going to happen. He is a very good player but I still dont want him at Arsenal.
  10. Gooner83

    Gooner83 New Member

    No thank you.

    We don't play the long ball, if you wanna put an Arsenal shirt on you gotta be able to run with the ball, tackle and fight for your team, and you need pace.

    Beckham, jumps tackles, can't dribble, lacks pace and to top it off he is seriously over-rated.

    I seen him talking on many interviews, he doesn't have the voice for England Captain, if i was 20yards away i couldn't figure out what hes saying.
  11. Gunner4Eva

    Gunner4Eva New Member Trusted

    As much as I would love to see him in a Gunner's jersey, I just dont see him fitting in in Arsenal's style, as so many of you people have said. Players can adjust though, and he is alreadsy used to playing in England after all his time at those cry babies.

    But can we even afford him for 17mil?
  12. kluivert

    kluivert New Member

    Hmmm its close!
    I'm for it because i think that there are 2 areas we need to improve in our offensive game to unlock the Milans of this world (premiership clubs aren't a problem);Set pieces & Long range shooting.
    Becks can be an answer to that! If we get to the Cl final we will be able to afford him in the summer( asking price 17/25 mil & we will recoup this money with the marketing that becks generate)

    Fred Becks Viera Pires OR Fred Viera Edu/Silva Pires!

    Ps : I wouldn't mind Gerrad tho' or even Ballack( he's struggling bad at bayern & he will come for less than 10 mil)
  13. Soler

    Soler New Member Elite

    We couldn't afford Beckham's fee let alone his wages.
  14. Senght

    Senght New Member

    We have no money damnit. He is overated imo and the only stuff he can do is his crossing and passes. He can't dominate midfields and alw asy tried to escape lunging tackles. I don't think he can adapt to Wengerball too. Too slow.
  15. Jinn

    Jinn New Member Elite

    We don't need him. We're top of the league, and in with a good chance with the cups... Why would we need someone with all his associated non-football garbage?
  16. thierrys_girl

    thierrys_girl New Member

    no, i do not want becks here. .

    Im happy with our team and anyway where would we get the money :roll:
  17. Aussie

    Aussie New Member Elite

    No point talking about it cause it aint going to happen.
  18. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    bentley isnt a regular yet, wont be for a couple more seasons. his natural game is supporting the attack, not right mid. wenger is just testing him out there. since when has kanu played on the right ? wiltord is a forward and whinges when hes on the right, also he is **** there, so to is gilberto !!
    me thinks you dont really know what you are saying !!
  19. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    becks is the most over rated player in the history of football. he is **** and can only kick the ball. i hate him with a passion, BUT, how much would his signing boost our reputation !! hes worth buying just for the money he will bring into the club. i would like to see him at arsenal for that reason only, the fact he played for man u dont matter, cos i thikn its funny that he left them. but i just hatehow overated he is, how good he thinks he is and dont think he cares about football as much as his hair
  20. Soler

    Soler New Member Elite

    His hair styles are worse than Bentley's!

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