Would you mind if Beckham come to Arsenal?

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by kluivert, Mar 13, 2004.


Becks to Arsenal?

  1. Yes, we'll have the best mdfl in the world

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  2. Hell no, he's a former scum!

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  1. Soler

    Soler New Member Elite

    Yoko Spice would be the downfall of that man. Stay at Real Madrid, please!
  2. AlexH

    AlexH New Member

    I agree wholeheartedly with JGooners comments...right down to the 0% chance of it happening!

    On the money issue though, I can't understand why anyone wouldn't want him for shirt sales alone...there seems to be a resistance against the business side of football these days; well if you want to enjoy the good times you've got to be able to pay for them...when the competition is loaded, we need to be minted as well.
  3. Piston Broke

    Piston Broke New Member

    I'd want him to come on the Basis my Wifes a David Beckham Fan :shock: & supports whatever team he plays in & just for once i could be proud & say she was a Gooner

    Although she also Supports Henry too ;D ;D
  4. Loylz

    Loylz Moderator Moderator

    I think if Ljungberg is a cert in out first XI, just like Pires and Vieira then the only place left is along side Pat. Then as good as Beckham may be, Gerard would be much better, as he can tackle, pass (almost like beckham, and with time might reach that level) shoot, run and rampage across the pitch, and help us defend. Add this to the fact thet he is 23 turning 24 (i think) and AW cab mould him in however way he wants to as he has time on his side. Another player with similar qualities that I like is Ballack. He also scores his fair share of goals from midfield (actually even more than is needed.). So a better question would have been 'Would Ballack or Steven Gerard Suit our game more'. Just my humble opinion anyway.
  5. Gooner83

    Gooner83 New Member

    He lacks so many qualities in different area's, take Henry look at how he can do iddentical freekicks to Beckham, but is that all Henry can do?

    Take Bergkamp, the best passer of a ball i ever seen, is that all he can do?

    No, No and No.
  6. Piston Broke

    Piston Broke New Member

    Swap Beckham For Freddie :lol:
  7. seanconvey66

    seanconvey66 New Member

    Id take Beckham, the blokes a good player. U dont do what hes done in football if u can only take a free kick! Bloody Ian Harte takes probably better free kicks and whats he done, absolutely nothing. Beckham is a very good player and i think if we got him hed only make us better
  8. diefenbaker

    diefenbaker New Member

    yeah sell henry while ur at it
  9. EJub

    EJub New Member Elite

    Beckham to Arsenal - I hope not.

    I gave this some thought. And imagine having to discuss how Arsenal became a major club after Beckham arrived. It's enough to make me sick.

    Beckham carries too much other baggage with him.
  10. Legend#1

    Legend#1 New Member Trusted

    I'm one of the people that like Beckham and think as a footballer is a great asset wherever he goes

    He isn't the best in the world and is over-rated by the media but the passing, free-kicks, long shots, vision the boy has is incredible at times

    But not at Arsenal, too much baggage it might cause disharmony at the club which we don't need

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