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Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by sabret00the, May 15, 2005.

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    Firstly, you missed the point entirely - my post is in response to this post here, by invisibleman

    So before ranting, I think it's best to get some context. So, to do that, let's go back to the start of this thread and remind ourselves what the question was. Sabret00the's initial question was this

    To which my initial response was this

    However, in the meantime, OTIL had posted this

    So, now that we know where we stand, I'll expand.

    You said

    Which, if I were writing a post purely about whether or not we should sign Rio Ferdinand, would be perfectly legitimate. However, in the context of the discussion I was resonding EXACTLY to issues with the playing unit - nothing more. Now, it sounds to me that OTIL's post is a post about whether we 'need' Rio Ferdinand in footballing terms - and therefore, to respond to his point I felt it appropriate to limit the discussion to purely footballing terms.

    Indeed, this is true and has never been in dispute. But like I said, in the context of my particular post, I don't think it was relevant.

    Yes, this is quite true too - that's why I said in my previous post in this thread...

    Your third point too is accurate

    And indeed has never been in dispute - in fact, this is exactly the point I made in my previous post, when I said

    If you believe that I was trying to state that we SHOULD buy Rio Ferdinand, then you're mistaken. My point is simply that Rio Ferdinand is a world class footballer, and if it were down to that alone, we should sign him - however, as I've recognised several times in this thread, that's NOT all there is to Rio. I would have thought that reading the entire thread in context would make that pretty obvious.

    I find it quite bizarre that to make this point you've ignored the parts of my previous post, and my other posts in this thread where I've mentioned Rio's other drawbacks. It's all very well taking two sentences from my post, but if you don't read the whole thing in its entirety, or take it in the proper context, you're deliberately misrepresenting what I've said.

    I'm beginning to sound like a stuck record now, I'm sorry. BUT as I've demonstrated to you, the inital discussion with OTIL back on page one WAS based upon the limited parameters of 'footballing talent'.

    Your point, and excuse me if I misrepresent you, is that the 'net effect' of Rio Ferdinand would be a negative. I've never disagreed with that statement. What I have done, however, is break down Rio Ferdinand's effect into components - footballing and non-footballing. If it is wrong for me to point out that one of those components, the footballing one, would certainly be a massive benefit to the club, then I think we might need a whole new way of approaching Message Boards in general.

    This isn't my view - you've missed the point. I've never said that we 'need' Rio Ferdinand specifically. But to assume that we've got the best possible XI players out on the pitch every single saturday, and that we don't 'need' to improve is where the real myopia lies.

    Now you're talking. Nothing bugs me more than dream lineups...
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    My head hurts.
  3. invisibleman18

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    so does mine. was it necessary to quote that in its entirey as you were the very next post?
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    I can't believe this thread is still going!
    Thought it was daft to start with, and nothing has changed that

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