Would you take Ivan Gazidis back?

Would you prefer Ivan or Raúl?

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A few months ago this question would have been ridiculous but now, it's a debatable question.

Tir Na Nog

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This guy ****ed up replacing Wenger. Hired a bunch of guys like Raul and Sven with completely different philosophies. When he started to get more control and pushed statDNA we wasted huge amounts of money in the transfer market. He appointed Emery after talking about needing a progressive manager who promotes youth. He jumped off the sinking ship then and left others to clean up the mess he left behind.

To pretend this guy was nothing short of awful is ridiculous revisionism. I can understand people maybe saying Emery wasnt that bad or stuff like that but this guy was hugely responsible for our initial downfall. Just because the guys who replaced him are awful doesn't mean we should pretend that Ivan was even remotely competent because believe me he wasn't.

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