Wow Arshavin Wow!

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by sabret00the, Nov 28, 2009.

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  1. HollandGooner

    HollandGooner Well-Known Member

    what in the world was he dooing tonight? oh my gosh...
  2. Gurgen

    Gurgen New Member Elite

    Working hard, creating chances?

    You can fault some of his plays today but not his effort. This thread = problem that isn't there.
  3. stiiphunn

    stiiphunn Well-Known Member Trusted

    He tried hard today, he even surprised me, yet the first goal we concede is partially down to him.
  4. HollandGooner

    HollandGooner Well-Known Member

    Arshavin was dooing nothing Gurgen, his head isnt with Arsenal at the moment.
    His attitude really scares me
  5. qs

    qs New Member Elite

    Yep. We know he's capable of alot more, the only reason we aren't seeing it is because of his attitude.
  6. Gurgen

    Gurgen New Member Elite

    Don't know what to say to that except what a bunch of ****ing nonsense :lol:
  7. Illusion

    Illusion New Member Trusted

    Best player on the pitch today from our team.
  8. ultradoc

    ultradoc New Member

    :lol: really.

    denilson had a better game than him apparently.
  9. Gurgen

    Gurgen New Member Elite

    Denilson actually wasn't bad at all, but I guess people have their minds made up before he steps onto the pitch.
  10. sabret00the

    sabret00the New Member Trusted

    That's always the case with Denilson though. People have decided what their fantasy player would've done during the game and compare that to what Denilson done.
  11. asajoseph

    asajoseph New Member Elite

    Denilson was pretty much as passenger today.

    Not our worst player, but not particularly good either.
  12. Illusion

    Illusion New Member Trusted

    I agree.

    I was getting quite annoyed at some people in the match thread with their endless complaints about Denilson and Arshavin. Even the ones against Eduardo were becoming completely unreasonable.

    It was completely moronic and embarassing to see people behave like that on here.
  13. Gurgen

    Gurgen New Member Elite

    I think he has anally raped the girlfriends of most posters on this forum. There is no other explanation for the collective dementia that goes on here with regards to Denilson.
  14. thegame24

    thegame24 New Member

    Or maybe hes just always **** when it matters
  15. Illusion

    Illusion New Member Trusted

    But he wasn't **** today and he deserved none of the extreme criticism he was receiving from some people.
  16. ultradoc

    ultradoc New Member

    maybe he wasn't mate, but he wasnt better than arshavin as was being suggested and games like these need pro active players who can do something while denilson is mostly passive.

    He probably gives a bj to some forum members here rather. no other explanation to the collective orgasms on his plain performances.
    sexy volley by ibra btw.
  17. Illusion

    Illusion New Member Trusted

    Well I certainly never suggested Denilson was better than Arshavin, I viewed Arshavin as our best player today. Although I know you aren't necessarily saying I did ;)

    All I saw was people whining about both Denilson and Arshavin, among others.
  18. JazzG

    JazzG New Member Elite

    Arshavin has looked horribly out of form all season so this match comes as no surprise. He seems to be trying but just isn't happening right now for him, this Russia thing obviously hasn't helped. Does need to find form and quickly, we are looking desperately short in the final third right now and need him to be on top form and pick up quickly. Just like when any other player falls out of form just needs to play through it.
  19. GoonerGurjit

    GoonerGurjit New Member Elite

    To me Arshavin just doesn't seem the player he was last season. Last year he was willing to take the bull by the horns in every game. He use to absolutely terrify defenders by running at them. This season he doesn't seem to have the desire or willingness to do that. He goes for the simple/easy option far too often for my liking.
  20. GoonerGurjit

    GoonerGurjit New Member Elite

    <a class="postlink" href="http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1232012/Andrey-Arshavin-refuses-dwell-Chelsea-defeat-Arsenal-star-insists-We-win-Premier-League.html#ixzz0YLp881R3" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;">http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/footba ... z0YLp881R3</a>" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
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