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  1. YeahBee

    YeahBee Terrible hot takes

    is he as strong as a DM as Gilberto is when he is at his best. I don't even see Diaby in that mould we should go for a genuine tackler. I would love Cambiasso. And we do need more CM's if Wenger will try with the 4-5-1 again.
  2. when has gilberto been at his best? I havent seem him play well since pv4 left :(

    Yaya is qwality, he dosent seem to lose the ball because of his strength and confidence on the ball. but his tackling is immense.....just like paddys is and was for us. Got to buy him in my opinion
  3. sabret00the

    sabret00the New Member Trusted

    how the **** is this thread still existing in arsenal talk?
  4. nidza7

    nidza7 New Member

    second that!
  5. nazo

    nazo New Member Elite

  6. nazo

    nazo New Member Elite

    already posted in jokes and game forum but its still funny :lol:
  7. Liberace

    Liberace New Member

    i hope we sign him in the summer when we sell Gilberto and Flamini.
  8. longrufus

    longrufus New Member Elite

    There is one major problem with this, balance. All of these players are attack minded, and playing 2 of the 3 would make us defensivly weak. Or the other option is to only play 1 of the 3 which means someone will lose out. And i think selling the only DM we have is not the solution. Dont get me wrong i think yaya is a quality player and could be great, but unless we use a 3 man midfield, i dont see how it will work. Cesc could get games on the right, which may help. I can envisage him playing the holding role like Pirlo, but this would not be for a couple of years until his body fully develops.
  9. longrufus

    longrufus New Member Elite

    So sell the only defense minded midfielders we have, quite simply, idiotic. Has anyone ever heard of balance
  10. asajoseph

    asajoseph New Member Elite

    I hated the idea of playing Fabregas on the right, and I still do... Hopefully, he won't be there too often...
  11. Ziontrain

    Ziontrain New Member

    Based on evidence so far this season, he can't - at least yet - hld up a 2 man midfield with Gilberto. And 4-5-1 blows.

    But Fabregas has coped decently with playing right side in 4-4-2.

    Its not unheard of for playmaker types to do a job on one side of midfield. Nedved for example has for ages succesfully masqueraded as a left midfielder while in fact functioning as a playmaker. Many would argue that when our left side attack was at its best Pires too was actually an inward-leaning playmaker supplemented by Ashley Cole effectively playing wing-back and getting ahead of him.

    Its possible that Fabregas could work over there and the full-back be given more licence to get upfield for width, particularly if we have two solid bruisers in the middle to provide DM cover.

    Lauren can still do that job - he used to rampage forward much more, when not paired with Freddie. Kerrea Gilbert and Eboue most certainly can do the same too.
  12. sabret00the

    sabret00the New Member Trusted

    a man after my own heart :oops:
  13. Tegh

    Tegh New Member

    He doesn't really have the pace or skill to beat a marker, so he's not really suited there. Sure he'd track back and help defend, but we already have HeWhoShallNotBeNamed on the left wing, and he can't beat a man on the outside. Alright, Freddie's not that great at it either anymore. However, Fab's passing is quality, and we can really do with that right now.
  14. tgr

    tgr New Member

    we cant sell both of them.
    and we'll be forced to convert one of the three to other places so everyone will get enough games.
  15. kamikaze80

    kamikaze80 New Member Elite

    whatever guys, the only reason fab was on the right was because we were at brum away and flamini was at RB. he needed cover. likewise, reyes on the left was the best defensive option at that position.

    say what we will about wengers substitutions, but that was a perfect starting lineup for that match.
  16. DannyGooner1982

    DannyGooner1982 New Member

    Yaya would be awesome but longrufus is right.

    We need defensive midfielders and balance....selling Flamini would be stupid.
  17. Zico

    Zico New Member Elite

    Why sell Flamini? The kid is no Vieira, but he gets better each game I watch him. I used to lead the "Sell Flamini" brigade, but now I just want to watch him develop and see how good he can be. Been our second best central midfielder this year.
  18. Chips&CurrySauce

    Chips&CurrySauce New Member Trusted

    I'd be seriously gutted if we didn't sign Yaya.. It is obvious he has the potential to be a top player.. He is huge, bigger than Patrick was.. He has the height of Patrick, but the physique of Kolo..

    And I'm sure Yaya nad Diaby could play together.. Obviously when one goes forward the other stays back and vice versa, as Petit and Patrick used too.. Peoples obsession with a player that just sits there and does **** all makes no sense to me.. The best game we played in the CL, was whn we played Inter, with Parlour and Edu in the middle and neither of these 2 sat back, they worked together as a traditional midfield pair!

    It would also give us the option to play 3 in mdfield when we need to.. A midfield 3 of Diaby, Yaya and Cesc look pretty stunning to me..

    For some reason I still don't think we'll sign him as Wenger has had opportunites to do so before and he hasn't and the whole world knows about Yaya talent and we could be priced out of the market!
  19. Ratinho

    Ratinho New Member

    I agree. Not following the myth that you MUST have a player who sits there and defends, when you have 4 players behinf them for this, and another two at least infront who have elements of this in their game.

    Neither Paddy or Manu were defensive midfielders. Scholes and Keane aren't sodding defensive midfielders.

    Diaby is a strong complete midfielder, as is a player like Yaya Toure. You don't need specialists players in a side, when you can have players capable of doing more. Bleeds the team dry, you can't have passengers.
  20. quattro

    quattro Active Member

    i know its early to ask, but what do you guys think are the chances that we're even going to try to get yaya?

    im not going to blame wenger for not going for him the first time. it wasn't in our hands as yaya didn't have enough internationals to merit a work permit. personally if there is any indication that we CAN realistically go for him (financial constraint included) then i believe that we should try again.

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