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Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by USArsenal, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. USArsenal

    USArsenal H.Y.I.C. Administrator

    Is anyone else concerned about the amount of yellow cards certain members of our squad are getting?

    Cesc - 4
    Clichy - 4

    Ade - 3
    Song - 3

    We have a crucial game against Chelsea in 3 games' time... If both of them (Cesc & Clichy) get another yellow against Villa, they will sit out the Citeh game.. If they don't get one against Villa, and they get them against Citeh, they will be out of the CHELSEA game..

    this seems like a bit of a problem...
  2. kamikaze80

    kamikaze80 New Member Elite

    four yellows in twelve matches - they'll just have to not get carded the next two matches.
  3. Kain

    Kain New Member

    Think we are one of the top teams in the fairplay table, cant really ask much more than that. I know its not what people want to hear but we beat united without our main strike force and after the start of the season we were always going to be underdogs playing the other top 4 games so we might aswell have faith in the players that need to step in for these games rather than **** ourselves everytime Cesc or Ade gets a booking.
  4. SimplyFabregas

    SimplyFabregas New Member

    Cesc should have got himself booked against United, that way he would have been suspended for the Carling Cup game, a game he wouldnt have played in anyway.
  5. USArsenal

    USArsenal H.Y.I.C. Administrator

    easier said than done...

    Clichy had 6 yellows all of last year

    Cesc had 9 yellows all of last year..

    seems like they have more than they should at this point
  6. USArsenal

    USArsenal H.Y.I.C. Administrator

    actually, this is 100% incorrect..

    we are 15th out of 20 teams in the Fair Play table...
  7. JazzG

    JazzG New Member Elite

    Wenger talks about us conceding the least fouls and getting more yellows but I think some of that comes down the type of fouls we give away. Gilberto was masterful at this, he used to foul people all day long and not pick up yellow cards. He would break up the teams attack with niggly fouls, pull that innocent/confused face and on we go. We sometimes get caught out too much at the back which in turn leads to some of our players being a bit desperate in their tackles which in turn leads to bookings.

    Fabregas is one in particular who picks up so many yellows despite hardly ever putting in a proper rough tackle. So many times on breaks especially he gets caught out and cynically brings people down and earns himself a yellow which is fair enough I suppose but should he be getting caught out like that too often? Like SimplyFabregas says he probably should of got himself booked in this match later on as well but then again in the intensity of that kind of match I think all rational thinking takes second place. Our coaches should plan for these things.
  8. King Puck Paddy

    King Puck Paddy New Member

    never really thought about this until now,It does pose a bit of a problem but I can't see either player worrying about this until after the Villa game.It wouldn't be the end of the world for us to be without a few players for the City game but we need to be at full strength for Chelsea away.

    That's no disrespect to City as it will be a tough game,but they aren't in the best form at the moment and will have suspensions of their own.Richard Dunne is definately out because he got a straight red card against Tottenham Yesterday
  9. dutchMasta

    dutchMasta New Member

    We give away the least fouls, but we're not really good at small fouls. RVP is especially guilty of this, he lets frustration build up without really fouling much then BAM, yellow card, then he's got to hold the frustration until he gets subbed/the match ends. Cesc also, with his smaller frame, he often has to go harder into challanges, since the old knock them to the ground using an illegal shoulder barge won't work.

    Basically what JazzG said, it's the type of fouls we give away that puts us in this situation. I don't think refs in terms of carding us have been overly harsh this season so far.
  10. General

    General Well-Known Member

    The yellow Cesc got at Stoke was a joke. It proves Wenger's point that certain teams make up to 15 fouls before getting a yellow whiles we often get one with our first few fouls. Rooney hacks Walcott down the corner flag - no yellow but credit to Theo, he didn't over dramatise. Gallas goes in on Evra and barely catches him, he rolls around like a dead mummy and the incompetent Webb deems it a yellow. He gave 18 fouls against us compared to United's 8. Shocking!
  11. AnthonyG

    AnthonyG Arse Emeritus Administrator

    Not that it really matters, but in terms of yellow/red cards we are in a bunch with 25 pts. at 11th. ManU for what it's worth is naughtier than us even though they've played a game less. It is what it is; I don't really buy into any particular theory. It will be a shame if some of our better players miss the Chelsea match, but that's the rules.
  12. oasis_gooner

    oasis_gooner New Member

    We can cope with loss of Clichy for Chelsea but not Cesc. I'm sure Chelsea will start with Drogba who would have attained 100% fitness by then and a backline of Sagna Toure Silvestre Gallas will be better equipped to deal with Drogba and their long ball game. As for Richard Dunne, he got sent off for a professional foul and if i'm not wrong, it accrues only a single game ban. So he'll definitely be available for our game.
  13. SimplyFabregas

    SimplyFabregas New Member

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... sionLists/</a>

    Yeah Dunne is only suspended for one game, he has had some right nightmares in defence recently, hopefully that will continue against us.

    Chances of Cesc getting booked on purpose against Villa?

    Van Persie is back for the City game aswell.
  14. Cruisio

    Cruisio Well-Known Member

    I was just about to mention Cesc getting booked on purpose there SimplyFabregas. What game was it last season where it looked like he got himself booked on purpose? Was it Wigan?
  15. oasis_gooner

    oasis_gooner New Member

    He got booked at Reading thereby missing out in the Wigan game at home last season. If Cesc would have got booked against United, I think according to the rules his suspension wouldn't kick in until 5 days after the match. Which would have made him available for Wigan today but suspended for Villa on Saturday. Cesc is trudging a thin line and let's hope he stays on 4 yellow cards at least until the new year when the FA cup starts.
  16. AnthonyG

    AnthonyG Arse Emeritus Administrator

    Yeah, but remember what happened after that? He played against Sevilla, got injured and was out for nearly three weeks until the Chelsea game. Karma ...
  17. oasis_gooner

    oasis_gooner New Member

    Accursed international break. Cesc played two games for Spain in the space of 6 days after Reading and even though he didn't play against Wigan through suspension, Wenger pointlessly played him in Sevilla when our qualification to the knock out stages was already secured.
  18. Cruisio

    Cruisio Well-Known Member

    Yeah, and didnt he come back from injury playing alot worse than he was previously as well?
  19. morpho

    morpho #ArtetaOut = Permanent Ban

    Arsenal most punished by refs

    sorry for my unreadable table, but find it a bit difficult to make one here at mania... anyway

    Looks like Wenger was right afterall. I got this from another arsenal fan page and it clearly shows that Arsenal is the team in the premiership who is more punished for their fouls. We get a yellow card for every 5.45 fouls, Fulham on the other hand, gets more protection from the refs needing 16.25 fouls to get a yellow...

    Premier League 2008/09

    Fouls Conceded
    Yellow Cards
    Fouls / Yellow

    FC 109
    YC 20
    F/Y 5.45

    West Brom
    FC 151
    YC 24
    F/Y 6.29

    Manchester United
    FC 135
    YC 21
    F/Y 6.43

    Stoke City
    FC 154
    YC 22
    F/Y 7.00

    Blackburn Rovers
    FC 175
    YC 24
    F/Y 7.29

    FC 128
    YC 17
    F/Y 7.53

    Bolton Wanderers
    FC 157
    YC 20
    F/Y 7.85

    Tottenham Hotspur
    FC 158
    YC 20
    F/Y 7.90

    Aston Villa
    FC 136
    YC 17
    F/Y 8.00

    FC 138
    YC 17
    F/Y 8.12

    West Ham
    FC 163
    YC 20
    F/Y 8.15

    FC 142
    YC 17
    F/Y 8.35

    FC 163
    YC 19
    F/Y 8.58

    Wigan Athletic
    FC 146
    YC 16
    F/Y 9.13

    Hull City
    FC 154
    YC 16
    F/Y 9.63

    FC 135
    YC 13
    F/Y 10.38

    Newcastle United
    FC 148
    YC 14
    F/Y 10.57

    FC 139
    YC 13
    F/Y 10.69

    Manchester City
    FC 164
    YC 14
    F/Y 11.71

    FC 130
    YC 8
    F/Y 16.25
  20. dutchMasta

    dutchMasta New Member

    Re: Arsenal most punished by refs

    Damn, you know, I spent AGES trying to look for these stats, couldn't find them anywhere! I had the sneaking suspicion we'd be at the, or near the top of this fouls per yellow card table. Pretty big difference as well between us and the next team.

    As I said before, although there might've been some harsh decisions, it is largely down to our players not knowing how to do the casual foul, Cesc and RVP especially guilty of this. For a lightweight player, it's harder to do those casual fouls, and we have plenty of lightweight players. Otherwise, we often choose to sit back so we don't usually foul that much.

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