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Yeremy Pino

Which winger would you prefer?

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Pino ain’t my cup of tea. I think he would struggle in the PL similarly to Reiss Nelson/Jadon Sancho has. But he is very technical and with some serious gym work he could develop into a decent backup.


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Watched a little bit of him. Concerned he would be physically dominated in PL and prefer a winger who scores more frequently if we are paying huge fees. Risk IMO.


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The only person responsible for Pepe failing thus far is Pepe. We already have much better and I would hope and expect that if he’s replaced we will be better off.
Ornstein says he’s well liked and trains hard, even Mikel has praised his attitude so what are you talking about really?

You even go on to say that we have much better, how is he responsible for Saka being better? :lol: Agendas got you typing nonsense as per.

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