Yes, Cesc shoould win something. People are blind.

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Guns and Arses, Apr 22, 2005.

  1. KingReyes

    KingReyes New Member Trusted

    He's only 17, he's got plenty of time to win it. If Scott Parker can it, Cesc surely can sooner or later.
  2. namliam

    namliam New Member

    To be honest, I don't think you can say Fabregas deserves the award more than Rooney. In a way people only say this because so much was expected of him and such a large transfer fee was paid for him. Rooney is Man U's top scorer and in many games that I have watched he has played exceptionally well. Cesc has been a great prospect this season but in many ways Rooney is no longer a prospect. Rooney now is one of Manchester United's most important players. I'm not trying to belittle Cesc's considerable achievement. Nonetheless, Rooney really does deserve it this year.
  3. Gooner T

    Gooner T New Member

    hang about, if rooney desrves it, the so does cesc. The first half of the season rooney didnt do ****. it was only after their exeter match that he started scoring regularly, and has actually now gone 8 games without scoring. Look at the affect he has had on manure's attack. This season they've failed to score 16 times! they also have their lowest goals tally in premiership history. rooney certainly has made a huge impact!!
  4. RocktheCasbah

    RocktheCasbah New Member Elite

    Yeah, I'm not really convinced by any argument for Rooney to win the young players award. Or Ronaldo for that matter, neither of them have been that great, nor has the United side.

    But maybe I'm biased..
  5. namliam

    namliam New Member

    Thats a very poor argument. If you're going to judge a player purely on goals and assists what exactly has fabregas contributed in the assists/ goals column. This season he has I believe one goal (where he happened to be standing on the line) and about 2 assists. Hardly setting the world alight if you look purely at the statistics. Cesc has put in plenty of great performances but so has Rooney. He plays from deep and causes plenty of problems for the defenders with his strength and pace and many Man U fans would even say that he was the best player for Man U this season. There have been matches were he alone has shone (the recent match vs Everton is an example) and whilst he has been inconsistent, at his best he is the best player in the Man United team. On the other hand, Cesc for all his abilities and potential would not even be considered the 5th most important player in the team (Henry, Vieira, Ljungberg, Campbell, Cole etc. are certainly more important), is not guaranteed a starting slot, and is yet to have completely taken control of a game and dictated the pace.

    This is not a criticism of Cesc. In his first full season in the EPL he has played remarkably well and has shown great potential for the future. All I'm saying is that Rooney is much closer to the finished article that Cesc and that Rooney is a far more important and established player in the Man U team than Cesc is in the Arsenal team, and whilst Man U have not been so great this season, that is the same for us (we are only 4 points ahead of them).
  6. Gooner T

    Gooner T New Member

    my argument was not that cesc has scored more goals than rooney... that would be a silly basis for a discussion about a midfielder and striker. My point was that as a striker, to look at rooney's impact on utd's team, you should look at the amount of goals utd have scored this season. the fact is they've never scored less. that has happend while rooney has lead the attack.

    for me, a player does not qualify as being good (or "great" as many people call rooney) just because he is a first choice in a team or is important to a team. For example, Ronaldo is probably a more automatic choice than Cesc. Would you say he's better? I judge a player not just on his indivdual performances, but the impact his presence has on his part of the pitch.

    Fact is, Rooney has been part of Man Utds worst ever attack. Cesc on the other hand has been part of an Arsenal midfield which has supplied more goals than any other in Arsenal's premiership history AND has also been heavily involved in an Arsenal team which has gained its second highest points tally at this stage of the season in its premiership history.

    The facts speak for themsleve's my friend. If rooney wasn't english, there wouldnt be near as much hype as there is. He's just another over-rated english player and will never turn out to be as good as they say he will be. Cesc on the other hand will be the best CM distributer in the world. Of that i have no doubt.

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